Pastel 1st Birthday Party Ideas


What could be cuter than a pastel 1st birthday party theme?!

Perfectly gender-neutral (and not to mention, adorable), we’re so excited to show you our brand new range of Pick & Mix Pastel party supplies.

As the name suggests, it’s perfect for mixing and matching and includes beautiful pink, blue, yellow and gold elements. And this range isn’t just for 1st birthdays – if you want to use it for a different occasion, just take out the themed elements. Read on for inspiration!


First things first, choose your 1st birthday party decorations!

We’d recommend going for a mixture of plain and themed decorations. Isn’t this ‘one today’ letter bunting just adorable?

Hang it along the wall or behind your buffet table for a lovely effect!

One Today Letter Bunting

Keep your décor cute and classy with these gorgeous pastel and gold fan decorations! They look particularly stylish when hung in a cluster.

Pastel Fan Decorations

Tassel garlands are one of our favourite decorating ideas for any party theme – and this one would be perfect for a pastel 1st birthday party theme.

Pastel & Gold Tassel Garland

One of our favourite party trends of the year is confetti balloons!! And we love this pink one that also comes in pink and gold. Pick one or have a couple to dot around your party venue.

Giant Pink Confetti Balloon

Balloons are a simple way to decorate but they can have a big impact on the overall look of your party – particularly if you’re on a budget and want to stick to a couple of statement decorations. This gorgeous hip hip hooray balloon comes with a beautiful pastel and gold tassel garland.

Giant Hip Hip Hooray Balloon With Tassels

Party food

Now it’s time to think about party food! We love the idea of serving buffet food on these gorgeous pastel-coloured plates. Stick to one colour or mix and match – it’s up to you!

Pastel Hip Hip Hooray Plates

Paper cups are essential for a 1st birthday party. If you’re busy looking after a baby, you don’t want to be spending hours washing up afterwards! These pastel and gold party cups will look lovely whatever drinks you decide to serve.

Pastel Hip Hip Hooray Cups

These cute straws (complete with tassel straw toppers) are another easy way to spruce up any drink!

Gold Tassel Hooray Straws

Doughnut walls are a really popular wedding trend – but there’s no reason why you can’t have one at a 1st birthday party! This ‘treat yourself’ doughnut wall would look super cute with pastel-coloured iced doughnuts!

Treat Yourself Doughnut Wall

Napkins are another party essential – and these hip hip hooray napkins would be perfect for a pastel 1st birthday party (or any other special occasion!)

Pastel Hip Hip Hooray Napkins

As for the birthday cake, this needs to be extra special! But creating a beautiful 1st birthday cake needn’t be difficult! You could make a real showstopper by simply decorating a plain white cake with multi-coloured sprinkles and this make a wish candle!

Gold Make A Wish Candle

The finishing touches

Now that most of your party planning is done, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your pastel 1st birthday party!

It goes without saying that party bags are a birthday party essential and we love these pastel and gold hip hip hooray party bags. Fill them with small toys and treats for the kids and a slice of birthday cake for the adults!

Pastel Party Bags

How about leaving some novelty glasses like these around your party venue? They’ll be a fun photo prop for your guests to use when they’re taking photos!

Hooray Gold Fun Glasses

Last but not least, how about some cute little party hats like these? Kids will love them and they’ll be fun photo props for the grown-ups!

Pastel Party Hats

And that’s it! Ready to start planning your own beautiful pastel themed 1st birthday party? Check out our full range of Pick & Mix Pastel party supplies here or stay on our blog for more inspiration!