Paper Bow Tie Balloon Bunting

Who doesn’t adore balloons at parties and celebrations? They’re a simple and effective party decoration that can transform a venue and atmosphere in minutes!

But why not make them that little bit more interesting?!

Today we’re going to show you how to make paper bow tie balloon bunting that have a lovely touch of Mary Poppins “Let’s go fly a kite!” about them. Simply follow our paper bow tie tutorial to find out what to do.

How to make crepe paper bows

What you need

  • Crepe paper in a variety of colours
  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String


Step 1 – Cutting your crepe paper to size

The first stage of making bow tie balloon bunting is cutting your crepe paper to size. Since crepe paper is quite thin, you’ll need to cut a long rectangular piece and then fold it up.

You’ll also need to cut out some smaller, thinner strips of crepe paper in a different colour. Repeat this process a couple of times depending on how many crepe paper bows you want to make.

Crepe paper bow tie tutorial

Step 2 – How to fold a paper bow tie

Next, pinch your rectangular piece of crepe paper in the middle to make it look like a bow tie. Even at this stage you’ll already see your crepe paper bow ties taking shape!

How to fold a paper bow tie

To make sure each bow tie, holds its shape, take one of the smaller pieces of crepe paper in a different colour and wrap it around the middle. Secure it in place with some glue and make as many paper bow ties as you need for your balloon bunting!

How to make a bow tie with paper

Crepe Paper Bow Tie

Each crepe paper bow tie should look like this! You could stick to two colours or mix and match for a cute and funky look!

Bow Tie Balloon Tassel

Assembling your bow tie balloon bunting

Now you have all your crepe paper bow ties, the next step is to attach them to a long piece of string to make your bow tie balloon bunting.

We did this by laying the string across each bow tie and securing them in place with a small square of crepe paper covered in glue. This is a much nicer way to stick everything together than

Bow Tie Balloon Tassel

Bow Tie Balloon Tassel

Finally, attach your crepe paper bow tie bunting to your balloon!

The paper bow ties act as a natural weight but if you want your balloons to float a little higher why not try newspaper bow ties?!

The crepe paper is also quite tough and hard wearing so make today so if you want to keep your crepe paper bunting and use it again, simply store it away ready for next year.

Crepe paper bow tie balloon bunting

Happy making!

Mabel our Westie seemed impressed with her left over bow 🙂

Bow Tie Balloon Tassel

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