Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

It’s finally October which means the countdown to Halloween has begun. I always like to start the Halloween prep early so I can avoid the much dreaded last minute panic. I love decorating our house with pumpkins, skulls, lanterns, cobwebs and orange accessories.

Of course you shouldn’t forget to decorate the exterior as well. You’ll want your garden and driveway to look as spooky as possible when the trick or treaters arrive. Don’t forget that your garden will easily double up as an extended entertaining area if you’re planning to throw a Halloween party.

Halloween Tombstone Decorations

I dressed our garden dining room table with some pumpkin honeycomb decorations, a skull candle and a bat gauze draping kit which I used as a table runner. There is definitely nothing creepy about this outdoor tablescape thanks to the pretty paper honeycomb pumpkins and glittery bats.

Pumpkin Honeycomb Decorations

There is no such a thing as too many skulls during Halloween, is there? I like to place some skull ornaments on side tables, bookshelves, window sill… In other words, I try to fill every corner in our house with them. This boneyard hanging wreath looks super stylish on our exterior wall or you could also place it on your front door. I used some double sided tape to attach it to the wall but you could also hang it on a hook. By the way, if you’re using double sided tape you should test a small area first to make sure that the tape won’t ruin your paint work.

Skull Wreath for Halloween

If you want to transform your home from cosy to creepy, get some Halloween accessories that light up like the boo light up skull. The creepy skull lantern will go perfectly with it or go for the pumpkin design to mix things up a bit. You could also hang the lanterns on tree branches to spooky up your garden or take them with you when you go trick or treating.

Halloween is all about spiders and cobwebs which is why I love this glitter spider web decoration. I placed it on a large empty wall outside but you could use it indoors as well. It’s available in black, purple or green, so if you’ve got a large area to decorate why not group them all together to make a real statement.

Spider Web Decoration

Get your windows ready with these stylish Day of the Dead glitter window decorations that feature multi-coloured roses, intricate sugar skulls and a banner.

Day of the Dead Window Decorations for Halloween

If you’re going for the spooky-factor sit this evil rat on your doorstep or garden patio. It’s seriously scary looking but I like the way it blends in with our black garden furniture. You could also hide it behind plants and doors so that your guests will get a fright when they least expect it.

This hanging skeleton looks shockingly real and the small size makes it ideal to hang on door handles. If you want to terrify your guests even more, go for the life size plastic skeleton.

Halloween Rat Decoration

You can also create yourself a spook-tastic graveyard in the garden by placing some foam tombstones on the grass. The tombstones are quite light so you’ll need some small weights (for example a piece of wood) to support them. If it’s a windy day you’ll want to use some double sided tape to attach the tombstones to the weights to stop them from falling. Trust me, your self-made graveyard will have your guests talking for quite some time.

Halloween Tombstones

Tombstone Decorations

Don’t forget to decorate the door entrance with balloons. I decided to pair the Day of the Dead super shape balloon with the smaller dancing skeleton balloons which match our black and white Halloween decor perfectly. Also, remember to buy a helium canister and some balloon weights if you want your balloons to float.

Skeleton Balloons

Make sure that your driveway and front door are also ready for the trick or treaters. After all, this is probably the only part of the house they will get to see. Spooky cemetery sidewalk signs, tombstones and cobwebs will guarantee that your home is the spookiest on the street.

Halloween Tombstones and Cobwebs

Hide some sidewalk signs in the bushes so people see them as they are approaching your house. You could also place them next to each other and create a little path leading up to the house.

Halloween Sidewalk Sign

There is nothing better than dressing up your house in the spirit of Halloween with some creepy cobwebs so don’t forget to cover all your outdoor plants with some spidery decor.

Turn your home into a crime scene with this bright yellow warning tape. It’s especially great for outdoor buildings like sheds or garages. Just let your imagination run wild and get creative!

Cobweb Decorations for Halloween

The boneyard gauze door banner is ideal as a door welcome sign or hang it on a window to welcome the party guests.

Enter If You Dare Door Sign for Halloween

Leave some smaller accessories on the doorstep to surprise your guests and trick or treaters. I love this giant black cauldron which I’ve loaded with some cobwebs, spiders and a light up skull torch.

Ourdoor Halloween Decorations

Set the perfect spooky scene with this Halloween bottle decoration with lights. The black rose with skeleton hand and the deluxe feathered witches broom are a must-have if you’re going for that glamorous Halloween look.

Finally, I think we can all agree that there is nothing creepier than creepy crawlies. The 3D spider will look spooky on your doorstep or crawling up the door frame to terrify the trick or treaters. You could also use it to customise your creepy costume, only if you dare…

Have a spooky Halloween!

witches broom

Ready to get ready for trick or treat? Browse our whole selection of outdoor Halloween decorations or stay on our blog to read more of Pia’s Halloween guest posts!