Scavenger Hunt Fun: Our Favourite Scavenger Hunts

Three scavenger hunt printables laid out on a table

What is it about a scavenger hunt that’s just so fun?! It doesn’t really matter who’s playing, how old they are or what they’re hunting – there’s just something innately fun about that frantic run around to find all the items on your list!

They can be done anywhere, they help people of all ages to be more aware of their surroundings, and it’s a great way to teach some basic skills to children. 

Colour Scavenger Hunt

This idea is probably better suited to younger children – although their older siblings can help them – and can be done inside and out. Just take a white party box for each child and some colouring pencils, then scribble a patch of each colour on the side of the box.

The kids will need to find something that matches each one of the colours – if you can, tell them that the item needs to fit in the box. 

Colour scavenger hunt white box with colours on the outside

This one can be done anywhere, even within a single room, so whatever space you have available should work. It could be a great option for keeping the kids busy during a block party!

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Suitable for kids of all ages – and adults if they really want to – this hunt will encourage players to think in an abstract way their senses. Print off as many free scavenger hunt sheets as you have players and send them off to find items that meet criteria such as “something that smells nice” or “something that makes you taller”.

The more abstract nature of these questions encourages debate, as everyone can discuss afterwards why they chose their items.

Click to download the Sensory Scavenger Hunt printable.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts

We have SO MANY Easter Egg hunts that you’ll have no trouble finding the right one for your party! Indoors or outdoors, for kids or for grownups, we’ve also got printables, glow in the dark ideas and a nice overarching blog about how to set up your own Easter egg hunt!

Pirate Treasure Hunts

If there’s a group of people that are known for taking scavenger hunts to the next level, it’s pirates! We probably wouldn’t sail around the world for buried treasure, but there’s something undeniably fun about an old-looking tea-stained map with a big ol’ X on it!

A pirate hook and sword laid out next to our printable scavenger hunt and some gold coins

This kind of hunt is so much more fun if you dress up, so don’t forget your eye patches and hooks. We’ve got a general how-to and another blog with the printable clues.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for holidays, garden days and trips to the woods, this scavenger hunt encourages kids to find these exciting elements in nature! 

Download as many sheets as there are children and give one out. They’ll be encouraged to look for natural elements such as feathers, twigs and moss, then  put a cross through each one as they find it. You’ll love hearing them get excited as they find that first important leaf!

If you don’t think they’ll be able to find them all, maybe challenge them to get a line across, down or diagonally instead. 

Click to download the Nature Scavenger Hunt printable.

Zoom Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for those online parties and keeping the kids entertained during the adult catch-ups! This one is so simple that it doesn’t even need a print out: all you have to do is have each member of the group come prepared with a list of household items. Depending on how tricky you want this to be, you could include items that not everyone will have, but for pure fun try and think of something everyone has in their house.

One person reads out their list of items (3 – 5 is a good number) and each other team needs to go and find the items. You can either set a time limit and see which team got the most items in that time, or have it so that the first team back with all the items is the winner. Go around the group so everyone gets a chance to make the others run around!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

What is Halloween if not an excuse to take the most fun parts of the year and make them spooky? Our printable Halloween treasure hunt has fantastically spooky clues, and you can keep the theme going by hiding chocolate eyeballs or sweetie mix cones with something bigger in the final hiding place.

This one is great for autumn as it can all be done inside! Get the printables here.

A-Z Scavenger Hunt!

This here is the big momma of scavenger hunts. Absolutely perfect for a holiday, it might take a while to find something for every letter so don’t rush them on this one, and the challenge makes this suitable for adults as well.

If little ones are playing, you can choose some letters to exclude if you think they’re too hard, like X and Q. Or just see what they choose to put for those!

Download a printable for each player and give them a pencil or pen. They can choose whether to write the name of each item in the boxes or draw them.

Download the A-Z Scavenger Hunt here.


How cute are these ideas for scavenger hunts for all ages? If you have fun with any of them we’d love to hear about it on Instagram and Facebook – especially if you have photographic evidence!