Our Favourite Julia Donaldson Costumes for World Book Day

Highway Rat, Gruffalo, Zog. Stick Man and Room on the Broom World Book Day fancy dress costumes

Julia Donaldson is an author every parent should know. Even if you don’t recognise her name, it’s likely that your children will have read at least one of her books. After all, she’s published over 180 of them! We’d say that makes her a great source for your child’s World Book Day costume.

We’ve certainly got plenty to choose from! Here are some of our favourite Julia Donaldson stories, along with wonderful outfits to match.

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo fancy dress costume

Published in 1999, The Gruffalo remains arguably Donaldson’s best-loved book. The story revolves around a clever mouse who invents a dangerous friend called the Gruffalo to stop bigger animals from harming him.

Of course, in the end the Gruffalo turns out to be very real, so the mouse must resort to even more cunning tricks to stop himself being eaten!

Complete with illustrations from frequent collaborator Axel Scheffler, The Gruffalo has sold over 13 million copies. It’s been translated into dozens of languages, too. It’s even been brought to life on stage in the West End and Broadway, as well as an Oscar-nominated animation.

When it comes to fancy dress, the obvious choice is the Gruffalo himself. Beyond that, your little one can also head to school dressed as the mouse, or even the Gruffalo’s child from Donaldson’s 2004 sequel.

Highway Rat

Highway Rat World Book Day costume

The Highway Rat isn’t a very well-behaved character, and that’s exactly why kids love him. They’ll get up to all sorts of mischief in this fun fancy dress outfit, but as everyone who’s read the story knows, Highway Rat doesn’t always get away with it!

Stick Man

Stick Man fancy dress costume

It takes a skilled author to have a bit of wood as their main character. However, that’s exactly what the former Children’s Laureate did with her award-winning 2008 story, Stick Man.

In the book, Stick Man (who, in case you didn’t know, is a talking stick) becomes separated from his Family Tree and must go on an epic adventure in order to find them again. This beautiful fancy dress outfit even has his own motto printed on it!

I’m Stick Man,

I’m Stick Man,

I’m Stick Man,

That’s me!

Like The Gruffalo, Stick Man has been turned into a popular stage show and animated film.


Zog fancy dress costume

Finally, Julia Donaldson fans are sure recognise this cheeky chap! Zog the dragon just wants to do well at school, but sadly his accident-prone nature sometimes gets in the way. We’re sure that sounds familiar to a few parents out there!

Find even more Julia Donaldson costumes

We’ve covered the favourites, but that’s far from the end of our Julia Donaldson fancy dress collection. Take a look at our full range to see if your little one’s favourite story is there! As well as our three classics, you’ll also discover much-loved characters from stories such as Monkey Puzzle.

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Have a great World Book Day, everyone!