Ninja Party Ideas

Ninja Party Ideas

Hi-yah! Karate-chop your way to an awesome birthday with our ninja party ideas.

Perfect for any karate or martial arts fan, we’ve got all the ninja-themed decorating ideas, party games and party food ideas you need for a themed birthday party that’s guaranteed to impress your guests.

Just read on for inspiration!

Planning your ninja themed party

Setting your tables

Top of our ninja party ideas is themed tableware and a red and black colour scheme like this is perfect. Ninjas are famous for their all black outfits and since red signals ‘danger’ in the wild, this colour scheme shows your ninjas are not to be messed with!

We set each table with plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths from our ninja pack pack and added matching red cutlery – a really quick and easy way to start building up your party theme.

Ninja Themed Party Supplies

Party decorations for your venue

The next of our ninja party ideas is party decorations and wherever you’re holding your party, hanging decorations like these are an great way to build up your theme.

Team them up with black and red balloons for an easy and effective decorating idea – perfect for a ninja or karate theme.

Ninja Party Decorations

We also love these ninja honeycomb decorations that you can hang from the ceiling to create an agile and sneaky ninja look!

Ninja Honeycomb Decorations

Fancy dress

Our next ninja party idea is fancy dress! A ninja birthday party is a great opportunity to get dressed up and you can have loads of fun (and take loads of great photo) with everyone dressed up.

Get hold of a selection of head bands, masks and swords for your guests to wear during the party, then ask them to strike their best ninja pose for the camera!

Ninja party food ideas

Next up is party food and we love how easy it is to turn Babybels into ninjas! Simply cut off a strip of the red wax and use edible ink or writing icing to draw on too eyes. A really easy party snack that takes seconds to prepare!

For the rest of your buffet, make sure you give it an Oriental touch. Fortune cookies are always a hit and you can pick them up really cheaply.

Ninja Party Ideas - Ninja Babybels

Ninja party games

Next you’ll want to show that you’re highly skilled in party planning with some awesome ninja-themed party games! Here are a couple of suggestions:

Moves like master

This game is a lot like ‘Simon Says’ but with a ninja-themed twist! One adult stands at the front of the group and is the master. Every time they say “move like ninja master” they must strike a different ninja pose and the rest of the group must copy.

However, if they “forget” to say the word ninja, the rest of the group must remain in the previous pose. Whoever changes stance and gets caught out is out of the game. The winner is the last child remaining.

No hands painting

Test your ninja skills with the next of our party game ideas – no hands painting. This game can get a bit messy so play it outside if you can.

Give each child a large piece of paper and a paintbrush which they must hold the paintbrush between their toes and write their name. Whoever writes their name the most legibly wins.

Ninja obstacle course

Finally, an obstacle course is a great way to test your ninja powers of agility.

Whether you’re playing outside or in a hired hall, set up a series of cones, hoops, boxes and other obstacles that your guests must navigate in the quickest possible time.

Party bags

Last up in our ninja party ideas is party bags! No party is complete without them and there are loads of ninja-themed party favours that you can get your hands on.

Being a ninja is all about having a quick and agile mind (as well as being quick on your feet) so we’d recommend lots of ninja-themed puzzles like these.

Ninja Party Bags

And there you have it – now you’re all set for a ninja-themed birthday party! Head over to Party Delights to pick up everything you need and for more kids’ party ideas, take a look at:



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