Neon Halloween Party Ideas

Neon Halloween Party Ideas

Are you feeling frightful this Halloween or are you feeling delightful?! We love this time of year in our house and decided that instead of going gory and nasty we would go neon! Bright and bold – it’s a perfect theme for all ages this Halloween.

Neon Halloween Party

You can mix and match chevron and polka dots and the more clashing the colours the better! Neon can be just as nice as more traditional decorations and you can make your own super spooky bunting by stringing together these awesome plastic skeletons. It may not be ghoulish but the kids thought it was all gorgeous when they ran in and spied all the treats.

Neon Skeleton Bunting

Start with a colour theme and go from there. I loved the colours in the neon bat selection and went from there adding pops of pink. I added confetti from a birthday range (what a find!) and just used the multi coloured spots to scatter over the buffet table.

Purple Chevron Treat Tubs

Neon Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween Orange Juice Syringes

When it comes to party food we always tend to end up with masses left over, but this year I planned something hearty, something savoury and of course lots of sweet things! The paper cups are the perfect size for a party tea. I cooked some Halloween themed shaped pasta added a little tomato pasta sauce and mini sausages which we called witches fingers! It set them up for games in the garden and then we came in for apple popcorn, crispy snacks and all things chocolate.

Black Chevron Treat Tubs

Pumpkin hoopla was a huge success with each of them taking it in turns to throw the hula hoop over a home made pumpkin patch on the grass.

Halloween Pumpkin Hoopla Game

Halloween Pumpkin Hoopla Game

The bags of chocolate coins are perfect to share between a handful of children and chocolate covered apples are so easy to make with small people, just add a lolly stick, dip and swirl through a bowl of melted chocolate and top with sprinkles before the chocolate sets.

Halloween Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Apples for Halloween

I love to add a centrepiece to draw the party table together but with just 4 cousins a huge cake would have been too much. The pumpkin made a perfect stand in and the spooky topper added a little something extra. They devoured the mini chocolate and orange cupcakes and we went back into the garden for pumpkin bowling!

Neon Halloween Party Ideas

Skull and Crossbones Cupcakes

Take a black felt tip and add some ghostly faces to a set of toilet rolls and use a pumpkin as your bowling ball. They had as much fun setting the ghost pins up for the next person’s turn as they did knocking them down.

Halloween Bowling Game

Halloween Bowling Game

We loved this colourful theme – what do you think?!

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