Most Adorable Star Wars Costumes for Babies

Cute Star Wars Costumes for Babies

Calling all Star Wars obsessed parents! If you can’t wait to pass on your love of Star Wars to the next generation, why not start while they’re young with an absolutely adorable Star Wars baby costume?

Perfect for dressing your little one up for Halloween or just because they’ll look super cute, these costumes come just in time for the release of the new movie. And whether you’d rather your baby grow up to be a Jedi warrior or a Sith lord, don’t miss our best picks!

Baby Princess Leia

Star Wars Baby Princess Leia CostumeYour pint-sized princess with look absolutely adorable in this Princess Leia baby costume!

This white robe comes complete with a character headpiece to give your baby Leia’s iconic hairstyle.

Just complete the look with some white booties and needless to say your baby Leia will be the star of any Star Wars party!

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You’re my only hope!”

Baby Yoda

Star Wars Baby Yoda CostumeNext up is Baby Yoda – without a doubt the cutest Star Wars character and our cutest baby costume!

Perfect for toddlers who are just starting to walk, this baby Star Wars outfit comes with a long hooded robe and a headpiece to make the resemblance between your baby and your favourite little Jedi truly uncanny!

They may be too young to handle a lightsaber but look absolutely adorable, they definitely can!

Baby Darth Vader

Star Wars Baby Darth Vader CostumePerfect for any little troublemaker is our Darth Vader baby costume!

This adorable fleece romper will keep your little one cute, cuddly and warm while you go trick or treating (or fight the Jedi – it’s multi-purpose!)

May the force be with you little one!

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