Minion Pumpkin Tutorial

Minion Pumpkin

Looking for a no-carve, non-scary pumpkin idea? Have a go at making this adorable minion pumpkin!

This is the perfect pumpkin carving idea for kids – made easy by our free printable minion outfit for your pumpkin.

Read on to find out what to do!

Minion Pumpkin

How to make a minion pumpkin

Making your own adorable minion pumpkin doesn’t require any carving at all – just a lick of yellow paint and our free printable minion outfit.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to find out what to do.

What you need:

  • Medium-sized pumpkin
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Free printable minion outfit (that fits a pumpkin perfectly!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A handheld drill (optional & for adult use only)
  • 8 black pipe cleaners (optional)

What to do:

Start by painting your pumpkin yellow. You may need to give it a couple of layers so it’s a good idea to do this a few days before the party, particularly if you’re using fairly thin yellow paint.

Alternatively, you could start with a white base coat and then paint it yellow. It’s up to you – just make sure you have plenty of time to leave it to dry.

Minion Pumpkin Step 1

Next, print our free printable minion outfit and cut it out. For safety, scissors should only be used by older children or adults.

Minion Pumpkin Step 2

Once the pumpkin is dry, stick the printables in place with PVA glue. You’ll really start seeing your minion pumpkin come to life around this point!

If you’re having trouble getting the printables to stick onto the pumpkin, super glue may be more effective but it should only be used by adults.

Minion Pumpkin Step 3

See your minion pumpkin taking shape?
Minion Pumpkin Step 4

Stick the eyes on first, followed by the dungarees. By this point your minion pumpkin is almost finished!Minion Pumpkin Step 4

Once all your printables are stuck in place, it’s time to attach the minion’s hair. We used black pipe cleaners for the strands of hair and a handheld drill to make eight small holes in the top of the pumpkin.

If you don’t have a handheld drill, you could always use a regular pumpkin carving tool. Just be careful not to make the holes too wide or deep. If you’re using a drill, keep it away from children and use it responsibly.

Minion Pumpkin Step 7

And there you have it – our minion pumpkin tutorial is complete! Now all that’s left is to display it on your doorstep to impress your trick or treaters!

Minion Pumpkin Step 8

Download our free minion pumpkin printables

Click below to download our free minion pumpkin printables – you’ll be amazed how realistic your minion will look once it’s all put together!

Minion printables 1

Minion printables 2

Minion printables 3

Watch our 30 second minion pumpkin transformation!

Click play to see us transform a pumpkin into a loveable minion in just 30 seconds! And if you’d like to see more novelty pumpkins, visit our YouTube channel to watch us make a pumpkin Olaf!

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