Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Viva la fiesta! There’s no doubt that Mexicans know how to put on a good party and today we’re going to show you how to throw a vibrant Mexican fiesta.

Bursting with colour, this is the perfect summer party theme. Ideal for barbecues, Cinco de Mayo celebrations or birthday parties for people of any age, we’ve taken all our inspiration from our Mexican Fiesta party supplies.

So let’s get this fiesta started with decorating ideas, party games, party food ideas and more!

Our favourite Mexican fiesta party ideas

Table decorations

The only rule of a Mexican fiesta party is that it should be bright and colourful – after that, it’s all about having fun with your party theme!

We started by the laying the tables with a bright green tablecloth like this but you can choose any colour that matches your tableware. Pink, yellow, green, red, blue… anything goes!

We’d recommend stocking up on some Mexican fiesta tableware like this to make sure all your party essentials are covered and then add some unique table decorations like maracas!

Mexican Fiesta Party Supplies

Margarita glasses are a must and if you don’t have any at home, you could pick up a multi-coloured pack of plastic margarita glasses like this to serve your drinks in. Here’s a good margarita recipe but even if you’re not serving alcohol at your party, why not serve your drinks in margarita glasses anyway!

Mexican Fiesta Party Napkins

Mexican fiesta party decorations

As for decorating your party venue, stick with big, bright and colourful! Paper fans like these are a great way to give your party venue an instant Mexican makeover. Paper lanterns, garlands and hanging decorations will also do the trick. Don’t worry about your decorations being super colour-coordinated – anything bright and colourful will be perfect!

Mexican Fiesta Decorations

Mexican fiesta party food ideas

Next up in our Mexican fiesta party ideas is party food – a great opportunity to have fun with your Mexican party theme! Here are our suggestions for Mexican-themed party food:


A Mexican fiesta party food essential – why not serve yours in a sombrero that doubles up as a unique table centrepiece?

Beer bottle ponchos

These cute beer bottle ponchos are a great way to jazz up your ordinary beer bottles for a Mexican party theme! Why not get one for each guest?

Mexican Fiesta Beer Bottle Ponchos


Tacos are ideal for buffets – just make up some big bowls of mince, salad and salsa and let your guests help themselves!


This one’s for adult parties only – tequila! But did you know that it’s not traditional to drink tequila with salt and lime in Mexico? Most Mexicans drink their tequila neat, straight from the freezer. So ditch your salt and lime for a more traditional Mexican way of drinking if you can handle the sour taste!

Mexican Fiesta Napkins

Mexican fiesta party games

No party is complete without games! Up the fun at your fiesta with our fun collection of Mexican-themed party games.

Nacho eating contest

This is no ordinary eating contest! Pair up your contestants with one player sat at the table with a bowl of nachos in front of them and the other player stood behind them. The player standing up is the arms and the player sat down will do the eater. This game can get very messy but it’s lots of fun. Whichever team finishes their bowl of nachos first wins!


Piñatas are an iconic part of Mexican culture so playing piñata definitely won’t be out of place at your Mexican fiesta party! We chose a traditional multi-coloured donkey piñata like this but you can choose practically any shape you want – take a look at our full range here.

Mexican Fiesta Piñata

Mexican hat dance

This Mexican-themed party game is a bit like pass the parcel with a twist! You’ll need one sombrero and someone to start and stop the music. When the music starts, everyone starts dancing and the sombrero gets passed from person to person by putting it on their head. If you’re wearing the sombrero when the music stops, you’re out! The game is over when there’s only one person left.

And there you have it – loads of brilliant Mexican fiesta party ideas to get summer party season sorted! Stock up on Mexican party supplies or stay on the Party Delights blog for even more inspiring party ideas: