Make Your Own Spooky Bat Pumpkins

Bat Pumpkins

Bat and Moon Pumpkins

We couldn’t wait to give these bat pumpkins a try! They only require minimal carving so they’re very kid-friendly and will look great on your doorstep for trick or treat.

For safety an adult should always do the carving but once that’s done, the little ones can get stuck in with the decorating. Let’s get started!

Bat Pumpkin

We’d recommend setting aside an afternoon to make this cute bat pumpkin as you’ll need to give the paint time to dry. Make the face as cute or as scary as you like; we chose to give it some fangs to make it look like a real vampire bat.

Bat Pumpkin

What you need:

What to do:

1. Cut off the top of your pumpkin and carve out the middle (it’s safest if an adult does this).

2. Carve a face out of the front.

3. Paint the whole pumpkin black and leave to dry.

4. Print out our printable bat wings, put glue on the spots and sprinkle on glitter. Leave to dry.

5. Once the pumpkin is dry, glue on the bat wings and pop in a tealight!

Full Moon Pumpkin

It probably took us around 20 minutes to make this pumpkin (not including drying time). And since it requires no carving at all, it’s perfect to do with little children. It doesn’t have a flame either so there’s no need to worry about candles getting knocked over.

Moon Pumpkin

What you need:

What to do:

1. Paint the whole pumpkin white and leave to dry.

2. Stick our printable black bats to a piece of black card and get an adult to cut them out.

3. Fold the bats slightly down the middle and put a line of glue along the crease. Stick them to the pumpkin.

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