Make Your Own Pirate Party Photo Booth

Harharrrrr! Shiver me timbers… yes, it is time for a pirate party!! I am guessing that almost EVERY child, boy or girl, at some point or another has been invited to a pirate party! They’re the staples of childhood, surely?! Both my kids (a boy and a girl) LOVE pretend pirate play and there are lots of ship wrecks and treasure hunts going on in our house. So today is all about making you very own super fun pirate ship photo booth. Combine it with some pirate dress up clothes and you will have some fantastic party pictures. Afterwards, fold this DIY photo booth away and bring it out for play time with friends! Double the fun!

So here we go…

DIY Pirate Ship Cardboard Craft

To make your pirate ship photo booth/play ship, you will need:

Cardboard Pirate Ship Photo Prop and play house - step 1

  • Two pieces of cardboard (as big as possible – you can see how big ours are relative to the scissors and plate). You could always tape four smaller panels together.
  • Stanley knife (much better than scissors for this craft)
  • Acrylic paints in blue, white, gold (or yellow) and brown
  • Duct tape
  • String

Tape your two pieces together and flip inside out (so that the tape is on the inside) and get started.

Get some great fancy dress extras, such as pirate hats, telescopes, parrots, hooks and pirate flags, to jazz up your pop up boat. Maybe even make it a party game – get the kids to dress up as quickly as possible… there are so many pirate costumes and accessories to choose from.

How to Make Your Pirate Ship Photo Booth:

Cardboard Pirate Ship Photo Prop and play house - step 2

We started by seeing roughly where the port holes would go and placed the plates onto the cardboard to make nice big holes so that you can really see out.

Once we we had a rough position for the port holes, I sketched some waves onto the card.

I mixed a little dark blue and white acrylic paint to make a nice bright blue. Don’t worry about mixing it up too well – it is nice if there are lighter and darker patches.

Cardboard Pirate Ship Photo Prop and play house - step 3

Add some lighter sections to the back of your waves for that movement and watery effect – it is not an exact science – just be brave with applying your break.

Repeat for your second pieces of card.

Cardboard Pirate Ship Photo Prop and play house - step 4

Start cutting out your holes, using your plates as a surface to cut against . You will get pretty good circles if you use them as a ruler. Be careful not to accidentally cut the floor – place something underneath to protect it.

Cardboard Pirate Ship Photo Prop and play house - step 5

Use the cut out pieces to sketch an anchor and a “steering wheel” (what are they called again?)Cardboard Pirate Ship Photo Prop and play house - step 6

Paint the anchor gold and cut out using your stanley knife!

Paint the portholes gold.

Cut out your “steering wheel”.

Cardboard Pirate Ship Photo Prop and play house - step 7Now to add the railing – simply paint a brown strip along the top of your ship.

Then a second brown strip below that…

Then connect with vertical lines.

I also added some black lines with a felt tip pen, to represent planks along the side of the ship.

Your ship is ALMOST ready now.

We bent the cardboard between the two portholes to give it that ship shape.

We then wrapped some rough string around the anchor and taped that in place (the kids can pull the anchor into the ship or throw it back out again to dock).

Finally we balanced the steering – simply because, it means we can easily fold away the ship for storage AND it makes for a fun additional photo prop…

Cardboard DIY Pirate Ship - photoprop and play house for a pirate party

…and now we are ready to have some photo and play fun!!!

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