Make Your Own Confetti Push Pops

DIY Confetti Push Pops

If you’re planning your wedding, these confetti push pops are a fun and unique way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid or come to your hen do!

They’re super easy to make and could even be re-used at the wedding! Once each push pop is filled with confetti, push the handle upwards to make it POP and reveal the message!

What you need to make confetti push pops

Confetti Push Pop

What to do

  1. Download our free printables and cut them out.
  2. Wrap a “Will you…?” printable around each push pop and secure it in place with glue or cello tape.
  3. Fill the push pop with confetti until it’s about half full.
  4. Put your message inside, then fill the push pop to the top with confetti.
  5. Put the lid back on and get ready to make it pop!

Confetti Push Pop

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