Make Your Own Christmas Pudding Bauble

Homemade Christmas Pudding Bauble

Making your own Christmas decorations is a wonderful Christmas tradition and today we’ve got a really easy Christmas pudding bauble for you to have a go at at home.

We love a good old Christmas pud and all you need to make this simple bauble is a few basic craft supplies and a few minutes to put each one together.

So get crafting and before you know it you’ll have a lovely new tree decoration and something special to look back on in years to come!

How to Make a Christmas Pudding Bauble

What you need:

How to make your Christmas pudding bauble:

1. Start by taking your clear plastic bauble apart and stuffing it with a scrunched up piece of brown felt to give the pudding its colour. Then put the bauble back together.

2. Cut out a piece of white felt with a wavy edge and stick it on top of your pudding to make it look like it has brandy sauce on top. Make sure you cut a hole in the middle so that the bit that the ribbon is threaded through can still poke through.

3. Cut two holly leaves out of green felt and stick them on with PVA glue.

4. Cover your two polystyrene balls in PVA glue and roll them in glitter. This can be a messy job so make sure you have someone on hand with a cloth so that you can wipe your sticky fingers!!

5. Stick your red berries on top of the bauble and thread a piece of red ribbon through the top.

6. Hang your new DIY Christmas pudding bauble on your tree and admire your handy work!

More homemade bauble ideas:

If you’ve got the crafting bug, why not make a few more homemade Christmas baubles?

We filled this one with blue and silver snowflake confetti to add a bit of magic and sparkle to our Christmas decorations!

Homemade Christmas baubles

Then we filled this one with glitter and another bauble for a cool bauble inside a bauble effect!

Homemade Christmas baubles

You could even personalise your homemade baubles with a special message – a perfect little gift that’s thoughtful and great value. How about giving one to your teacher?

Homemade Christmas Baubles

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