How to Make Dennis and Gnasher Piñatas

Dennis the Menace Piñata Tutorial

Today we’re making two incredible additions for our Dennis the Menace party – Dennis and Gnasher piñatas!

Dennis the Menace is a fantastic party theme for birthdays or World Book Day but no party is complete without some fun party activities to go with it!

Making your own piñata is not as tricky as it sounds and once you know the basics, you can make one for practically any party theme. Just follow our simple step-by-step guide to find out what to do.

What you need:

Wrap a large piece of cardboard around a balloon and secure it in place.

How to make a piñata - step 1

Cover the whole thing in papier maché.

Do this by dipping strips of old newspaper into some watered down PVA glue and layering them on. You’ll need a few layers as you don’t want the piñata to break the first time you hit it. But don’t put too many on as you don’t want it to be impossible!

How to make a piñata - step 2

Paint on your design.

You won’t actually see the painted on design once the piñata is finished so don’t worry about making it perfect. But it does mean you won’t have any ugly newspaper showing under the tissue paper and it’s a useful guide for the next stage.

Here’s the design you need to paint on for Gnasher:

How to make a piñata - step 3

And here’s the one for Dennis:

How to make a piñata - step 3

Cover your piñata with layers of crepe paper.

This is where you’ll really see your homemade piñata start to take shape! Torn up crepe paper gives your piñata a traditional look and it’s not as fiddly as it looks. We found it easiest to take a roll of black crepe paper, cut off a long strip and make small cuts about 1.5cm long all the way down it.

Stick it on at the bottom and then work your way up to the top, layer by layer. Just remember you only need to cover the areas that are painted red or black. Leave the cream bits clear to stick on their faces!

How to make a piñata - step 4

Stick on Dennis and Gnashers’ limbs and faces using our free printables

We’ve made this stage really easy for you by making printable Dennis and Gnasher limbs and faces!

Just cut them out, stick them on and watch your piñatas get instantly transformed into your favourite comic book characters! Cardboard is best for the limbs as it’s much more sturdy than paper but we’ll leave it up to you.

Download our free Dennis and Gnasher printables here.

Gnasher Piñata

Dennis the Menace Piñata

And there you have it! Two amazing piñatas for your Dennis the Menace party. Now all that’s left to do is fill your piñatas with toys and sweets and seal up the bottom with a couple of layers of tissue paper.

If you’ve never played piñata before, take a look at the handy piñata guide over on our site with step-by-step instructions on how to play.

Check out our full Dennis the Menace party here and don’t forget to send us a photo if you make a Dennis or Gnasher piñata yourself!