10 Magical Christmas Games & Activities To Enjoy This Year

Christmas games and activities including crackers, charades and drawings

Christmas is a time for merriment and fun – but when the family’s all around, it can be hard to come up with ways to keep everyone entertained! Our ultimate list of Christmas games and activities covers quizzes, Christmas Eve treats and Elf on the Shelf ideas for a truly wonderful time.

1. Candy Cane Hunt

Perfect for when you have lots of children over, this is a game you can adjust to your own needs – what size and colour of candy canes you use is totally up to you! Our How To Do A Candy Cane Hunt blog has lots of ideas…

It works like an Easter Egg hunt, with candy canes hidden all around the house. We’ve even included some ideas for where you could sneakily hide some candy canes, and what kind of prize you might want to give – if the gift of candy canes isn’t enough, that is.

2. Christmas Eve Boxes

Every year we get these gorgeous Christmas Eve boxes, and every year they sell like hot cakes!

We don’t blame you of course – they’re super cute, and perfect for giving three tiered gifts.

Instead of using them for plain old presents, we’ve reimagined these into a Christmas Eve treat for the kids, including ideas of how to fill them and where you could leave them for your little ones to find – all over on our Christmas Eve Box Ideas blog.

3. Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Are you still doing Elf on the Shelf this Christmas? We had lots of fun in the office coming up with all the scenarios in which you might find your naughty little elf, and some of them are definitely worth recreating at home!

Elf on the Shelf making a snow angel

We’ve got 23 Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas, but we reckon you can come up with a few more rib-ticklers!

4. Hot Chocolate Buffet

Everyone in the family – except those who are dieting – will love preparing their own perfect hot chocolate!

Simply set out a candy buffet of mini marshmallows, sprinkles and sugary cake toppers and let everyone take their time creating the ideal hot chocolate before snuggling up together – ideal for Christmas Eve.

5. Christmas Dinner Party Games

Not all of these are suitable for children, so make sure to tailor your games for the kind of guests you’ll be having around Christmas!

Here we have a few ideas for Christmas Dinner Party Games around the table – including silly guessing games, pass the parcels, and even G&T pong!

6. Christmas Quiz

Challenge the whole family to test their Yuletide knowledge with our very own Free Christmas Quiz. We have both easy and difficult versions of the quiz, so the kids can get involved but the adults still get a real challenge! 

Just print out as many question sheets are needed, working in teams if necessary, and enough answer sheets so that when the inevitable argument breaks out over an answer you’ve got proof to back it up!

7. Enjoy a little nostalgia

Time to reminisce about your childhood Christmas! The 90s was a magical time, when Mr Blobby could get the Christmas charts number 1 spot, our wish lists were dog-eared Argos catalogues and we spent far too much time entertaining a fluffy robot.

Read our blog on the best of the 90s to find out why it was the best time to be a kid at Christmas.

8. Jingle Bell Toss

Get the whole family involved in this game that takes all the fun of beer pong and replaces booze with Christmas spirit!

What you need:

  • A table that’s longer than wide
  • 20 red cups
  • A pack of mini gold bells

Simply set up 10 cups at each end of the table in a triangular arrangement, split into teams and try to throw your gold bell into the furthest cup you can manage.

Back row: 4 points

Third row: 3 points

Second row: 2 points

Front cup: 1 point

Once all the gold bells have been thrown, your game is over and the player or team with the most points wins!

Jingle Bell Toss Christmas Game

9. Santa Hat Game

This game would be perfect to start just before the Christmas dinner celebrations to see how well everyone remembers what to do after that first glass of wine!

You start by passing around a Santa hat filled with pieces of paper, one of which says “you’re it”. After a while, the Santa who is “it” needs to remove their hat – then the game ends when only one forgetful person is wearing their hat!

Get the full details on the Santa Hat Game blog.

10. Movie Night

At some point over Christmas, you’re bound to find yourself wanting to sit down with the family and enjoy a Christmas movie.

Whether you go for  a classic like It’s A Wonderful Life or something more modern like Will Ferrell’s hilarious Elf, go all out – put on those new pyjamas, pop some corn and get yourself a nice warming drink so you’re ready to feel all the Christmas feels!