Magic Reindeer Food Recipe + Free Printable Labels

Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

Making your own magic reindeer food is a lovely Christmas Eve tradition!

Sprinkle it on your front lawn on Christmas Eve and the glitter will shine in the moonlight – guiding Santa and his reindeer to your house! And what’s more, this recipe is completely edible and safe for animals so you don’t need to worry about what creatures may eat it if you sprinkle it on the grass!

Read on for our magical recipe and free printable labels!

How to make animal-safe reindeer food

What you need

How to Make Magic Reindeer Food

What to do

Start with a clear cellophane bag (cut a couple of centimetres off the top if necessary).

Reindeer Food Step 1

Next, pour some oats into the bag.

Reindeer Food Step 2

Then pour in the edible glitter and shake it all up! We prefer red or green glitter as they’re the most Christmassy colours!

Reindeer Food Step 3

Next, cut out our free printable reindeer food labels.

Free Printable Reindeer Food Labels

Finally, fold over the top of the cello bag to seal it, fold your free printable reindeer food label over the top of the bag and staple it in place. And that’s it! Your homemade reindeer food is ready to sprinkle on your lawn on Christmas Eve!

Magic Reindeer Food

Top tips!

Always use edible glitter that is safe for reindeer and other wildlife to consume (you never who may end up eating your reindeer food if you sprinkle it on the lawn!)

If it’s a rainy night, make sure you sprinkle your reindeer food on the grass and not on the driveway (if it rains overnight, you don’t want to wake up to porridge all over the drive!)

Tag @partydelightsuk in a photo on Instagram if you have a go at making our magical reindeer food! And for even more Christmas party ideas for kids, stay on our blog! 



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