Marvellous Magic Party Ideas

Magic Party Ideas

Abracadabra! Wish you could conjure up an amazing party with the wave of a magic wand?

You’re in the right place!

We’ve got loads of tricks up our sleeves to show you how to throw an amazing magic-themed birthday party. Read on for decorating ideas, easy party tricks and more marvellous magic party ideas!

Magic party ideas, tips and tricks

Magicians have been performing at kids’ parties for generations – and we can’t help but love this cute, fun party theme!

Magic parties are definitely all about the entertainment (we’ll come to that later) but first let’s talk about decorations! We’ve used our magic party supplies as the foundation for this party and focused on black, red, white and yellow.

Thinking playing cards, top hats, white rabbits, magic wands… Anything you’d associate with a magic show should feature in your decorations.

Magic Party Decorations

A magic party theme can be particularly stylish so try not to overload your venue with tonnes of themed stuff – simple magic party bunting like this will look particularly good against a plain white wall.

As for your table settings, we love the idea of laying a magic wand on each guest’s plate – it’s one of our favourite magic party ideas and an easy way to add detail to your party theme. Your little magicians will love them and magic wands are pretty cheap to pick up too.

Magic Party Supplies

Magic party invitations

It’s good idea to send out your party invitations around 6 weeks in advance to make sure people don’t make other plans on that day. These magic party invitations with a pop-up bunny rabbit would do just the trick and are a fun way to start your party!

Magic Party Invitations

Magic party favours

Roll up, roll up for the best party bags in town! We can’t get enough of these magic treat bags that look like a magician (even better if you have a real white rabbit to star in your photos). Now your guests can take part of the magic home with them!

Magic Party Bags

How to make a magical birthday cake (without magic)

No birthday party is complete without a cake, and you don’t need magic powers to make yours look spectacular.

Here’s a simple trick – use a cake decorating kit like this.

All you need to do is buy a plain white shop-bought cake, then dress it up with the cake wrap and bunting provided in the kit – an easy way for busy parents to create an impressive birthday cake in minutes. (We told you our magic party ideas were easy!)

Magic Birthday Cake

Now for the entertainment!

Some parents will choose to hire a magician to perform at their child’s party – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But hired entertainment can be expensive and if you’re trying to stick to a budget, here are a couple of easy magic tricks that you can perform yourself with just a little practice beforehand. Prepare to be amazed!

The coin vanish

This is an easy magic trick in which you insert a coin into a handkerchief that you’re holding in your hand and make it disappear – leaving your audience baffled and amazed!

You’ll need a coin, a handkerchief and an elastic band (the smaller, the better). The key to this trick is the rubber band – before you perform the trick, wrap it around the fingers of one hand so that it forms a tight ring. Keep this hand hanging at your side or in your pocket so you don’t draw attention to it. Show the handkerchief with your other hand and ask a spectator for a coin.

Drape the handkerchief over the hand with the rubber band and put the coin in the handkerchief. The idea is to use the rubber band to create a pocket inside the handkerchief where the coin can “disappear”. When you let the rubber band slip off your fingers, the band should close up and trap the coin in a secret pocket. When you bring out the hand that held the rubber band, the coin will look like it’s vanished!

Peel a banana to reveal it’s pre-sliced

This trick is sure to amaze your spectators! Before the party, take a pin and carefully stick it into a an unpeeled banana. Then wiggle it back and forth to slice it.

When you peel the banana, your guests will have no idea how you sliced it!

Guess the name of a famous person

For this easy magic trick you’ll need a hat, a pen and some scraps of paper. Ask an audience member to shout out the name of a famous person and write that name on a piece of paper and throw it into your hat. Ask the audience to keep shouting out names but instead of writing down every name they shout out, write the first name on each piece of paper.

Once the hat is full, ask for a volunteer and say you’ll predict which name they’ll pull out of the hat (of course, you know which name they’ll pull out because the same name is written on every piece of paper!)

Start planning your own magic party

Love our magic party ideas? Ready to throw your own magic birthday party? Make your first stop Party Delights for our full range of magic party supplies including tableware, decorations, party bags and more. You can see a couple of our favourite items below!

Essential Magic Party Supplies

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