Mad Hatter Face Paint Tutorial

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial

Looking for a fancy dress idea that’s a little on the crazy side? Read on to find out how to transform yourself into the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland!

We’ve teamed up with the face painter extraordinaire Jodi Lakin to bring you an easy Mad Hatter face paint tutorial that’s perfect for Halloween, World Book Day and any other fancy dress occasion!

Watch the full make-up tutorial on our YouTube channel or read a quick summary of what to do below!

How to do the Mad Hatter’s make-up

Start by applying white face paint like this all over your face and neck. Make sure it’s well blended.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 1

Next, paint your eyebrows with a light orange face paint like this.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 2

Paint some small lines to give the illusion of hair and repeat this stage with a darker shade of orange face paint to add texture.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 3

Then apply some light blue face paint to your eyelids and blend it with a clean brush to soften the edges.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 4

Apply pink face paint like this under one eye.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 5

And apply orange face paint like this under the other.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 6

Add detail with a thin brush and white face paint.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 7

Then contour the cheeks with pink face paint.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 8

And contour the sides of the nose with pink face paint.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 9

Next, fill in the lips with pink face paint.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial 10

And last but not least, put on your Mad Hatter costume!

Mad Hatter Make-Up

Want to recreate this Mad Hatter look yourself? Pick up everything you need here or stay on our blog for more fancy dress ideas! 



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