Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Eyeball decorations

Let everyone know your door is open for trick or treat with some creepy paper plate eyeballs!

They’re great for your windows or front door and are very, very cheap to make. Not to mention they make the perfect last minute Halloween decorations if you’ve been pushed for time this year.

Eyeball decorations

All you need is some white paper plates, red ribbon and our free eyeball printables which you can download below. Glitter is optional but it makes the eyeballs look fantastic when they sparkle.

What to do:

Download our free eyeball printables below and cut them out. If you’re doing this Halloween DIY with young children, it’s safest for the adult to do the cutting out.

Once you’ve cut out our eyeball designs, stick them to the backs of your white paper plates with some glue.

Then just punch a hole in the top of your paper plate, tie on piece of red ribbon and hang it on your front door!

Halloween Decorations - Paper Plate Eyeballs

To make the most out of your Halloween decorations, we’d recommend hanging two or three eyeballs together to make it look extra creepy! If you’re throwing a Halloween party, you could even hang them from door frames and ceilings.

Download our free printables

Green eyeball decoration

Blue eyeball decoration

Lime green eyeball decoration

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