Jungle 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Jungle 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Planning your baby’s 1st birthday party? How about a jungle-themed party with cute baby animals and adorable pastel colours?

We used our Happi Jungle party supplies to throw this gorgeous jungle 1st birthday party and it has all the makings of the perfect party!

From decorations and party essentials to themed party food and games, read on for inspiration!

How to throw a jungle 1st birthday party

The essentials

When you’re planning your baby’s 1st birthday celebration, start with the essentials! We chose decorations and tableware from our Happi Jungle party supplies – don’t these jungle hanging decorations make a cute backdrop to the buffet table?

Jungle Party Decorations

As for the catering essentials like plates, cups and napkins, we mixed and matched these baby animal plates with these cute stripey cups. You could even add some plain yellow plates to add a splash of colour!

Top tip: Fresh flowers and leaves will make your jungle buffet table look even cuter!

Jungle Party Supplies


The party food

Next is the fun part – party food! We liked the idea of matching the colour of our snacks to our jungle party decorations so we picked pink drinks, pastel-coloured macarons, cupcakes with coloured icing, etc.

If you’ve got any nice serving bowls or cake stands knocking around, this is the perfect opportunity to put them to good use!

Jungle Party Food

The birthday cake

No jungle 1st birthday party is complete without a cake – and this beautiful gateau would make a wonderful centrepiece! The colour of the icing is matched to the party decorations and it’s topped with flowers. So simple yet so stylish!

Jungle Birthday Cake

The finishing touches

Last but not least, send your guests home with something to remember your baby’s jungle 1st birthday party! These Happi Jungle party bags are just the right size for an extra slice of birthday cake!

Jungle Party Bags

Jungle party shopping list

Ready to throw your own jungle 1st birthday party? Here’s a quick reminder of everything you need from our Happi Jungle party supplies.

Want more inspiration? Stay on our blog for even more 1st birthday party ideas!