Inspiration for Rustic Wedding Table Decorations

Rustic Country Range Shot Landscape V2

So you’ve chosen a rustic wedding theme and now it’s time to start planning the details!

But since we know there’s rather a lot of organisation to do before you tie the knot (to say the least), today we’re just focusing on the table decorations!

Table décor is a wonderful opportunity to pay attention to detail with unique, personal touches (which we all know is the key to a beautiful wedding!) and we’ve handpicked our favourite elements of our Rustic Country wedding supplies to bring you all the inspiration you need for beautiful rustic wedding table decorations. Read on to be inspired!

Table numbers

Let’s start with an essential element of table décor – the table numbers!

You could opt for simple table number cards like these and spruce them up by sitting each one on a rustic slice of wood.

Kraft Table Number Cards

Or if you fancy going down the DIY route, you could fill hessian wrapped jars like these with wild flowers and a rustic table number flag like this!

Flag Table Numbers

Place cards

Now for the second-most important part of your table decorations – place cards! After all, after painstakingly fine-tuning the seating plan down, you want to make absolutely sure that every guest knows where they’re sitting!

One of our favourite options is these kraft and white vine place cards (make sure you ask someone with nice handwriting to write the names on!)

Kraft Vine Place Cards

Or how about filling these glass place card holders with flowers?

Mini Glass Vase Place Card Holders

Or for an even simpler idea, how about writing each guest’s name on a luggage tag like this and tying it to their cutlery with a sprig of flowers?

Heart Luggage Tags 2


Now to spruce up your tables with some extra décor! We love these glass hanging tea light holders – how about filling some with tea lights and some with flowers?

Hanging Glass Tealight Holders

Foliage is set to be this year’s biggest wedding trend – and these foliage string lights will look lovely draped along the tables. They’re also a good way to create atmospheric lighting for the evening do!

Foliage String Lights

These wooden heart tealight holders look just like they’re made out of tree bark – and would look lovely at the centre of your tables!

Wooden Heart Tealight Holders

The personal touches

Last but not least, add a couple of personal touches to your rustic wedding table decorations! We love the idea of using these mini wooden easels to display Polaroid pictures of the bride and groom.

Mini Wooden Easels

And if you’re looking for a way to make the top table extra special, how about hanging these beautiful bride and groom chair signs on the back of their seats with some flowers? They’re such an easy way to add some boho chic to your rustic wedding!

Wooden Bride & Groom Chair Signs

Feeling inspired and ready to plan your own wedding? Check out our whole range of Rustic Country wedding supplies here or stay on our blog for more inspiration! 



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