Indoor Party Game – A Minute to Win It!

Winter Party Game Ideas - Marshmallow Straws

Today we’ve got a great indoor party game that’s perfect for kids’ birthday parties. And okay, while it is technically a kids’ party game, we have to admit we had loads of fun playing it too!

The rules are simple and you don’t need much to play it – just a bag of mini marshmallows and a few other things that you’ll probably already have lying around at home.

Like the title says, you have a minute to win it so let’s find out how to play!

What you need:

  • Mini marshmallows
  • Straws
  • A mug for each player
  • Stopwatch
  • Hot chocolate

How to play:

Start by giving each player a bowl of mini marshmallows, a mug and a straw. Try and put an even number of marshmallows in each bowl to make it fair. There’s no limit to how many people can play and you could even divide the group into teams for a bit of friendly competition!

Start the clock and the race is on! Use your straw to suck up the mini marshmallows and drop them into your mug. No hands or cheating allowed! We do have a secret tip though – if you can get two marshmallows on your straw at once, you can win in half the time!

Indoor Party Game Ideas - A Minute to Win It

Stop the clock after one minute – whoever has the most marshmallows in their mug wins! If there’s no obvious winner, ask each player to count the number of marshmallows in their mug (again – no cheating!)

Indoor Party Game Ideas - A Minute to Win It

Finally, don’t waste the marshmallows at the end of the game – treat yourselves to a mug of hot chocolate! This puts a nice little wintery twist on the game if you’re throwing a winter birthday party and means everyone gets a little treat at the end of the game.

Indoor Party Game Ideas - A Minute to Win It!

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