How to Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party Ideas

America’s nuts about American football and when the annual Super Bowl takes place, it’s as much about the party as it is the game!

So if you’re staying up late to watch the NFL Super Bowl this year (as more and more people in the UK are starting to do), read on to find out how to throw the ultimate Super Bowl party with our new NFL Drive party supplies.

Perfect for celebrating the 2017 Super Bowl or throwing an American football party at any time of year, read on for winning decorating ideas, party food ideas and more.

Super Bowl party decorating ideas

First things first, dress your venue for the occasion! Chances are your Super Bowl party will be taking place in someone’s living room (around the TV) so you don’t need to go overboard with decorations. Here are a couple of suggestions:

(Take a look at the rest of our American football decorations here).

NFL American Football Super Bowl Party Supplies

Super Bowl party food ideas

When it comes to food, a Super Bowl party is a very casual event. Stick to finger food that can be served on paper plates and picked at throughout the game. There’s no need to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen for a party like this, so why not ask each guest to contribute a couple of snacks?

Here are a couple of American football party food ideas that are sure to be a touchdown:

American Football Cakes

If you’re feeling creative and have a bit of time on your hands before your American Football party, have a go at making these American football brownies. Just take an ordinary brownie recipe and cut your brownies into the shape of a football. Then ice on the stitching with white writing icing.

American Football Brownies

Drinks to serve at an American football party

Next, make sure there are plenty of drinks flowing at your Super Bowl party (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) and serve them in red cups like these for an authentic American house party feel!

American beers

Beer is a Super Bowl party staple (for the grown-ups) so pick a couple of American beers that are available in UK supermarkets. Budweiser, Brooklyn Beer, Coors Light and Miller Lite are some of the better-known, more readily available American beers in the UK.

Keep them cool in an inflatable drinks cooler like this filled with ice and on theme with these referee shirt bottle covers.

Coke floats

Make sure you serve some soft drinks too. Coca Cola is über American (particularly when you serve it with a dollop of ice cream to make a coke float!) Other fizzy drinks (or ‘sodas’) would also fit an American football party theme.


If you’re lucky enough to have an American sweet shop in your area, you may be able to get hold of the fruit juice drink Snapple. It comes in loads of different flavours and is super American and delicious.

American Football Bottle Covers

Super Bowl party games

The Super Bowl doesn’t have to be the only game at your party. Here are a couple of Super Bowl party games to make things a little more exciting.

Guess the score

Before the game begins, get each guest to write down their prediction. Whoever guesses closest to the final score wins.

Don’t say it

Pick an American football themed word that you’re not allowed to say during the game (like ‘touchdown’ or ‘football’). If you say it, you have to do a forfeit like take a drink or do a dare.

Pick sides

This may seem obvious but if you’re not a big American football fan (or your team’s not playing in the Super Bowl), pick a side so you have

Ready to throw your own NFL Super Bowl party? Whether you’re in it for the game or just the half-time show, visit Party Delights to pick up the NFL Drive party supplies featured in this post. Or stay on our blog for even more sports-themed party ideas:



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