How to Throw the Ultimate Pirate Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Pirate Party

Yarr harrrr, it’s time for a pirate party!

And today we’re going to show you how to throw the best pirate party of all the seven seas with our pirate map party supplies.

Read on for decorating ideas, fun party games, easy party food and more!

Party essentials

First up, choose your colour scheme and pick up all your essentials. For this party we went for a traditional, rustic look – think old pirate maps and buried treasure!

We used a pirate map party pack for all the essentials like plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths. Then we added some blue plastic cutlery and tied each knife and fork together with an eye patch like this to make it look a bit like a skull and crossbones!

Pirate Party Supplies

Party decorations

Next up is decorations! For this rustic pirate party, old weathered maps, gold coins and skulls will form the basis of your decorations. We love the idea of making a centrepiece out of a skull decorated with a pirate hat and an eye patch. And scattering gold chocolate coins over the table is a must!

Pirate Skull Centrepiece

We also love this cardboard ship centrepiece – it’s perfect for putting in the middle of your table and filling with treats! Anything old that you have lying around the house would also be a good addition to your decorations – think old books, empty rum bottles, wooden ornaments, etc.

Pirate Ship Centrepiece

Party food

Next up is party food! Here are some of our favourite themed snacks for a pirate party:

  • Gold chocolate coins
  • Skull and crossbones cookies (use this cookie cutter)
  • Pirate babybels
  • Seashell pasta salad
  • Cannon balls (i.e. cheese puff balls or maltesers)

We love the idea of serving your party food in these treasure chest party boxes or pirate ship food trays too – they’re a fun way to make ordinary party food a bit more exciting!

Pirate Treasure Chest Party Boxes

Dress up as pirates

Getting into character will make your pirate party even more fun! Grab a selection of pirate accessories like swords, eye patches, hats and telescopes, and if you’re feeling creative, have a go at making your own pirate t-shirt!

This DIY pirate costume is so easy to make – simply cut at the sleeves and bottom of the t-shirt to make them look more ragged. Then cut a V into the neckline, cut a couple of holes and thread a red ribbon through it. (You can find the full DIY tutorial here if you want to have a go yourself).

Homemade pirate costume - t-shirt

Party games

It’s a good idea to have a couple of party games up your sleeve to keep your little pirates entertained! Here are some of our favourites.

DIY pirate tin can bowling

This DIY party game is great fun and SO easy to make. Simply decorate clean and empty tin cans with our free printables, then stack them up and start bowling!

Pirate Tin Can Bowling Game

Pirate treasure hunt

How about sending your party-goers on a hunt for buried treasure? Take a look at our guide to planning a pirate treasure hunt, complete with free printables clues!

Pirate Treasure Hunt Code

DIY pirate hook toss game

If you’ve got time before the party, you could even have a go at making this pirate ring toss game. It’s cheap to make from an old cardboard box, paper plates and plastic hooks and you can find the full DIY tutorial here.

Pirate party games - DIY hook toss game

Ready to throw your own pirate party? Browse our huge range of pirate party supplies or stay on our blog for more inspiration! 



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