How to Throw the Ultimate Kids’ Halloween Party

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is fast-approaching and with many of you planning a spooky soirée for your little ones, we’re here to help with our top tips for a kids’ Halloween party!

From decorating your house to keeping the kids entertained with spooktacular party games, we’ve got Halloween party planning covered!

Everything in this post comes from our extensive range of Halloween party supplies. Let’s get started!

Planning a Halloween party for kids

Send out invitations

First things first, let everyone know you’ll be throwing a party.

Parents need plenty of notice when they’re planning their kids’ schedules (and Halloween is a popular night for parties) so we’d recommend sending out your invites at the beginning of October. After all, you don’t want all your guests to make other plans first!

We’ve got plenty of Halloween invites to choose from here, and for kids we’d recommend going for spooky-cute invites like these rather than the really scary ones. Send them out well in advance so each child’s parent can stick it on the fridge as a reminder.

Stock up on party essentials

Next, stock up on party essentials for your kids’ Halloween party. We’d recommend choosing party supplies that are bright, colourful and fun. After all, you don’t want young kids to get scared by anything too spooky.

Our Witches Crew party supplies would be perfect – just make sure you get enough cups and plates for everyone, plus a few extras!

Witch Party Supplies

Choose some spooky-cute decorations

Next, it’s time to pick some decorations! Green, orange and purple are the perfect colours for a cute and spooky kids’ Halloween parties – and a couple of these witch lanterns and pumpkin pom poms will instantly give your venue a Halloween makeover.

Witch Lanterns

And if you’re throwing your children’s Halloween party at home, these child-friendly banners will have perfect place on your mantelpiece.

Take a look at all our kids’ Halloween decorations to find the perfect ones for your party, then mix and match!

Halloween Witch Bunting

Plan your party food

The next thing to plan in advance is party food.

Party food is best prepared in advance to save time on the day, so we’d recommend serving each child’s food in a Halloween party box like this that can easily packed and transported to the venue. Fill each box with sandwiches, sausage rolls, a carton of juice and a couple of Halloween-themed treats to keep your little monsters fed and watered.

Halloween Party Boxes

Here are a couple of our favourite Halloween party food ideas for kids that are super easy to make:

Or how about putting your plastic cutlery out in a mini cauldron like this? It’s the small details that will make your kids’ Halloween party a success!

Halloween Cutlery in a Cauldron

Next, get into costume!

On the day of your children’s Halloween party, costumes are a must!

The possibilities are endless so take a look at our full range of Halloween costumes to find the perfect ones for you and your kids. (That’s right, everyone should be dressed up – even the grown-ups!)

Kids Halloween Costumes

Prepare your best tricks and treats

Kids LOVE trick or treat so if everyone’s in costume and you’ve got enough adults to supervise, part of the night should definitely include trick or treating.

Make sure you have a Halloween bucket like this for each child (just the right size for collecting lots of sweets!) and remember to leave someone at home to greet any trick or treaters who come to your house. It’s also a good idea to put some decorations up at your front door to make sure people know trick-or-treaters are welcome.

Witch Halloween Decorations

For something a little different, you could give each trick-or-treater a pumpkin treat bucket like this filled with chocolate eyeballs. This would make a nice party favour for your guests too.

Pumpkin Treat Tubs

Plan some good party games

A kids’ Halloween party is all about fun so make sure you have some fun games up your sleeve to keep your guests entertained and out of mischief (Mischief Night is the night before Halloween, remember!) Here are our favourite Halloween party game ideas for kids:

Pass the pumpkin

This is just like pass the parcel but with a twist! Pass the pumpkin around the circle and whoever’s holding it when the music stops is out.

Apple bobbing

This Halloween party game is fun for any age! All you need is a large black cauldron filled with water and apples. Then let each child take it in turns to lift an apple out of the cauldron using only their mouths!

Apple Bobbing

Pumpkin carving

Who doesn’t love pumpkin carving? Download our free printable pumpkin stencils and carve some impressive pumpkins with minimal effort! We have fifteen different designs to choose from so print them all off and let the kids take their pick!

Just remember that this activity should always be supervised by adults and proper pumpkin carving tools are much safer than knives.

Easy Cauldron Pumpkin Design

Ready to throw your own Halloween party? Pick up all your Halloween party supplies at or stay on our blog for even more Halloween party ideas for kids: