How to Throw the Best Disney Villains Party

If the recent years have taught us anything it’s that fairies and princesses are out, and Disney villains are IN. From the incomparable Angelina Jolie as Maleficent to the incredible Emma Stone as Cruella, people can’t seem to get enough of Disney’s creepiest villains. 

Whether it’s for Halloween, birthdays or hen parties, a Disney villains party is a great way to celebrate!

Decorating your Disney Villains Party

Most Disney villains – or villains for that matter – have a pretty well-defined colour scheme, and it’s usually a combination of black, purple, red and green. Helpfully, these are also some pretty classic Halloween party colours, so you won’t struggle to find bits for it.

Disney villains party setup with table, pumpkins and hanging decorations

We decorated our table with a black and white covering and left the bare white boards of the table as they were – although you could cover the table with a black banqueting roll for an easy clean-up. We laid out the essential food and drink items, like black trays and purple plates, skeleton hand goblets, and gold reusable cutlery to match.

Anything witchy goes here, as that’s what most of the best Disney villains are! So we brought in a crow familiar, rats, some gothic looking black foliage and a few of our more glamorous pumpkins. Support that with spiders and spiderweb decorations from this black and white decorating kit plus some dry ice in a cauldron for that magical look. Around the centre point of the table we created this gorgeous balloon arch with purple, black and pastel lilac balloons of different sizes, bunched together. Underneath that we hung a paper bat garland.

Black and white pumpkin on a table with black roses and purple plates

What To Wear

Disney villains fancy dress, of course!

The host of our party dressed as Angelina Jolie’s iconic role as Maleficent – it’s the perfect costume for the woman in charge as it just oozes power and beauty! This costume comes with both the silky black dress but also the spiky collar and horned headpiece. We even have an option for the little dark fairies among us!

Woman dressed in a Maleficent costume with a long black cloak, holding up a goblet of wine

Next up is the Sea Witch herself and inspiration for our show-stopping cake centrepiece: it’s Ursula! This fabulous dress embodies everything that’s fierce and admirable about the poor, unfortunate Cecaelia – a purple mesh long-sleeved top and black dress which turns into upright tentacles at the end. You could even bring Ariel along to torment as well!

For the boys, we’ve got this super cute Captain Hook costume, which comes as an easy-to-wear one-piece outfit with the necessary accessories – a pirate hat and a hook for their hand! Alternatively, a tiger onesie makes for a simple Shere Khan costume.

If you don’t mind doing it yourself a little bit, we’ve got all the necessary bits to make a Mother Gothel from Rapunzel costume – this Maid Marian dress is surprisingly close to her outfit, so all you need to add is the black curly wig.

We’ve also got some fabulous Queen of Hearts costumes for adults and for kids! This amazing adult costume is a full length dress with statement standup collar in black, red and white, while our teen version is shorter but comes with matching tights with a heart print running down the side – plus, an adorable crown headband! We’ve also got a similar look for younger girls which emphasises the heart pattern even more. And for all ages, a handy Queen of Hearts makeup tutorial

Little girl dressed as Cruella De Vil standing next to an inflatable Dalmatian

For the kids in love with Cruella De Vil (didn’t we all want to be her, just a little bit?) this costume is perfect – and almost as stylish as something you might see in the new film! Get her to clutch an inflatable dalmatian prop for extra laughs. 

Best Disney Villain Games

We have so many ideas for homemade Disney villains party games for kids, but it’d be wrong to ignore the officially licensed one! 

The Villainious party game from Disney is great for a sit-down gaming session for 2-6 players over 10. Everyone is in charge of their own Disney villain, and have to compete to fulfil their own win conditions while ruining everyone else’s fun time. We think it’s only fair that if you’re dressed up as a Disney villain, you get to play that character!

There are some easy party games suitable for all ages that can be easily modified to a Disney theme. For instance, you could get a poster of Ursula and make it a challenge to pin her tentacles on right while blindfolded, or carve skulls into your apples for some poisonous apple bobbing. If you need inspiration for fun kids’ games, we’ve got you covered on our Ultimate Halloween Party blog.

One of our favourite ideas was to take a large cardboard piece and attach a number of pirate hooks to the front. Kids can then take it in turns to throw their glowstick bracelet (or necklace, to make it easier) over the hooks. Set different rewards for each hook and have a treasure chest to the side full of  prizes!

Or if you’re enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, how about some croquet? Just make sure no one throws a fit if they aren’t allowed to win!

Disney Villains Party Food – and THAT Ursula Cake

Of course, you’ll need some food to keep everyone cackling and plotting happily. We really wanted to keep it simple for this Halloween party to allow the hosts to go wild with decorations and the guests to concentrate on their epic costumes!

Store bought cakes and sweets are perfectly fine, just make sure to match them to your party’s colour scheme. We filled bowls and cups with green, black and purple wrapped chocolates, but you could also lean into the reds of the Queen of Hearts and Cruella with some Haribo heart throb, or Captain Hook’s pirate theme with some gold chocolate coins. We’ve also got some non-themed ideas for Halloween snacks over on our Halloween buffet ideas blog that will work as a great backup! 

Finally – we know it’s what you’re here for – our AMAZING centrepiece Ursula cake! 

We started out with a super decadent double chocolate cake with a praline buttercream in the middle, then rolled out a large amount of ready-made black icing. It can be difficult to get the shape right on a soft cake, but by slowly and carefully working your way around you can get it just right!

Black cake with purple dripping icing on a black cake stand

We wanted some creepy purple tendrils on the cake, so we made some quite runny purple icing in an icing bag and ran the tip around the edge of the cake, allowing it to drip out just perfectly. More of that icing went onto the top of the cake, as glue for our galaxy sprinkles, which just scream Ursula.

We finished it off by putting it on a black cake stand and adding the tentacles from our pirate cake topper set.

Black cake with purple dripping, black and purple sprinkles and black tentacles on top