How to Throw an Encanto Party

Encanto balloon arch with Mirabel balloons

Encanto, the Disney sensation that has taken the world by storm, seems to be all we can talk about! The picture has everything, a great soundtrack, a wholesome storyline and the character diversity we have all been waiting for. Therefore, it is no surprise that this is one of the most desired party themes for children everywhere! So, instead of leaving you waiting on a miracle we’re providing you with the ultimate guide to throwing an Encanto party the Family Madrigal would be proud of and what product you should look out for!

Warning: Encanto soundtrack puns throughout the article, read on at your discretion 

Encanto Party Decorations

Let’s start with the foundations of your Encanto themed party, so you don’t need to worry about any surface pressure. An Encanto theme is great for a birthday party, with the movie being visually bright and fun! Transform your home or party venue into Casita Madrigal with a brightly coloured backdrop of balloons and festive paper, add coloured fans, lanterns, butterflies and flowers! Our dedicated Encanto themed page has a wide range of decorations you’ll love for your Encanto party.

Encanto Balloons

Our balloon and streamer brights rainbow party backdrop kit makes for a perfect ready to go fiesta your guests (of any age) will love! Alternatively, if you want to have a go at recreating our Encanto balloon garland, our balloon experts are going to let you in on their secrets and you can find the product used below!

Encanto style balloon arch in Encanto theme with butterflies and palm leaves with encanto character balloons

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Encanto Tableware

The Encanto film is centred around celebrating each other and the gift of family and friends coming together. The table is symbolic of bringing people together, so you can go all out with your Casa Madrigal table setting to bring home your Encanto theme!

Encanto themed birthday party with encanto balloons and tableware

For our Encanto party table we used the following:

Add a floral touch to your table to give a nod to Isabela! Botanical decoration, like our meadow floral reusable garland, will make the perfect finishing touch.

Encanto Party Ideas

A party is so much more than decorations, although they do help! At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not the party guests have a good time. Before you ask, what else can I do? Here are some Encanto themed party ideas to make it (potentially) the best birthday party ever!

Encanto Party Games

We weren’t going to talk about it, however, we all know that We Don’t Talk About Bruno is going to be an integral part of the party and absolutely will have to be played multiple times. So, while we’re on the subject, here’s our first game…

  1. The best way to make the most of the Encanto soundtrack is to hold an Encanto dance party or karaoke session! Kids (and grownups) will love dancing and singing along to their favourite Encanto songs!
  2. Still soundtrack related, the classic party game musical chairs/statues, with naturally, Encanto music only.
  3. It’s piñata time! Kids love a piñata, especially one filled with sweets! This game is fun and festive, which fits right in with the Encanto spirit.
  4. Make your own Casita door, provide cards, pens and stickers and let the kids get creative by designing their door to represent their special gift.
  5. “Find the Magic” scavenger hunt, a simple yet fun game, hide Encanto themed items (butterflies, tigers, donkeys, toucans) for everyone to find.

These are just a few games to get the ball rolling but there are endless ideas for endless fun! Find more party games here and more party game ideas here!

encanto balloons for encanto party

Encanto Party Food Ideas

We thought we’d close our Encanto party guide with some Encanto themed food inspiration! It was hard to round up because of well, food, however, we tried our best to narrow it down and give you some delicious party food ideas.

First up is cupcakes and it can’t just be any cupcake… Check out these stunning We Don’t Talk About Bruno cupcakes! Sugar glass is used for Bruno’s shattered vision and brown sugar for sand because “Bruno, your room is the worst!”. Recreate these with coloured icing.

How about serving Julieta’s healing food? “You just healed my hand with an Arepas con Queso”, if it works for Mirabel, we’re sure it will work for your guests! Arepas con Queso is an essential part of the Colombian diet, you can find a great traditional recipe here.

Now for something healthy, why not try a Colombian fruit cocktail? Salpicon de Frutas is a watermelon and fruit drink or dessert! This will especially be refreshing after an Encanto dance party!

Last but no means least, Encanto cookies! This is something you can do as an extra activity, perhaps Julieta’s healing cookies? Pre-make your cookies using Encanto inspired cookie cutters, we stock butterflies, tropical leaves and a cactus, then you can supply icing and your party guests can decorate them! Simply delicious!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our full guide to throwing an Encanto theme party or Encanto birthday party! For more Encanto party decorations and supplies, visit our dedicated theme page here.