How to Throw a World Cup Viewing Party

World Cup countries written on slips of paper in a football-themed bowl to choose for a sweepstakes

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off on Thursday 14th June, which means it’s high time to start planning a viewing party!

Whether you’re footy mad or just love the atmosphere and an excuse to throw a party, everyone can enjoy the World Cup. So invite your friends round and read on to find out how to throw the ultimate World Cup viewing party!

World Cup Viewing Party Ideas

Pick a match

First things first, pick a match for your viewing party! You can view the whole World Cup schedule here but here are a couple of key dates:

Thursday 14th June – Russia v Saudi Arabia

Monday 18th June – Tunisia v England

Sunday 24th June – England v Panama

Thursday 28th June – England v Belgium

Monday July 2nd – 2nd round match featuring England’s group winners

Tuesday July 3rd – 2nd round match featuring England’s group runners-up

Tuesday July 10th – World Cup semi-final

Wednesday July 11th – World Cup semi final

Sunday 15th July – World Cup final, 4pm

Send out invitations

World Cup party invitations free to download and print

Next, send out some football themed invitations! The World Cup is a big deal and people make their viewing plans quite far in advance so make sure you give people a couple of weeks’ notice. Download and print your own below!

Choose decorations

Red, white and blue balloons including an England flag balloon saying "England England England"

Then it’s time to plan your decorations! We’d recommend decorating in the colours of the country you’re supporting (or go half and half for each team!)

Pick a selection of large flags, flag bunting and country-themed balloons for an easy way to decorate.

Alternatively, make it all football themed – we’ve got some great ideas on the Football Party Ideas blog.

Serve themed party food

You don’t want to spend ages preparing party food for a World Cup party, so try and stick to finger food that’s easy to snack on during the match. We’d recommend:

  • Hotdogs
  • Burgers
  • Sausage rolls/pork pies
  • Tortilla chips and dips
  • Country-themed snacks

If you’re supporting a particular team and want to get creative with your party food, you could even theme the whole buffet around that country! Check out some of our wilder ideas on the World Cup Party Food blog.

Give out cardboard masks

World Cup player masks

When your guests arrive, give them a cardboard mask of a famous footballer to wear during the party!

Set up a sweepstake/place bets

World Cup sweepstake

Then before the match kicks off, make it more competitive by placing bets on who will win or setting up a sweepstake to run throughout the whole tournament! Download our kit here:

Fancy throwing your own World Cup viewing party? Check out our full range of football party supplies or stay on our blog for more inspiration!