How to Throw a Magical Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party Ideas

Thinking of throwing a mermaid party for your little one?

Discover a whole new world of underwater fun with our mermaid party ideas!

From decorations and accessories from our Mermaid Friends party supplies to creative party food ideas and games, read on for inspiration!

Planning a mermaid birthday party

Mermaid party decorations

You can have so much fun decorating for a mermaid party! This colourful party theme is one of our favourites and there are loads of ways to put your own stamp on it.

Here are some of our favourite mermaid decorating ideas:

Mermaid Party Decorations

Mermaid party food

When it comes to party food, there are loads of fun themed-snacks to make for a mermaid party. Take these crab croissants – they’re so easy to make with wooden toothpicks and googly eyes. And they’ll look great displayed on a cake stand before you tuck in!

Crab Croissants

Here are some of our favourite mermaid party food ideas:

Savoury snacks

Mermaid Party Supplies

Sweet snacks

  • Rice krispee starfish
  • Blue jelly
  • Fish-shaped cookies (cut out with a fish-shaped cookie cutter)
  • Sandcastle rice krispee cakes (mould rice krispee cake mixture into the shape of a sandcastle)
  • Oyster cookies (join two biscuits together with icing and pop a white bonbon inside to be the pearl)
  • Starfish cookies (cut out with a star-shaped cookie cutter)

Mermaid Party Food Ideas

Aqua blue drinks will look just like ocean water – perfect for creating an under the sea vibe!

Drinks for a Mermaid Party

Mermaid party games

Once all the decorating and food preparation is done, it’s time to think of some fun party games to keep your little mermaids entertained!

Here are some of our favourite mermaid party games:

  • Mermaid piñata (easy but a classic – piñatas are always a hit)
  • Feed the fish (This game takes a bit of advanced prep but will be worth it. Draw a large fish onto a piece of cardboard and cut out the mouth. Take it in turns throwing a ball or beanbag into the mouth)
  • Pin the flower on the mermaid (a mermaid twist on pin the tail on the donkey)
  • Mermaid treasure dig (a great game if you’ve got a sandpit – hide gold coins and strings of pearls and get digging!)
  • Blowing bubbles (takes absolutely no prep but kids will love it)
  • Crab walk races (walk sideways on all fours with your belly up)

And that’s it – we hope our mermaid party ideas have given you plenty of (fish)food for thought!

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