How to Throw a Lovely Ladybird Party

Ladybird Party Ideas

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a baby shower, ladybirds make a lovely party theme.

And today we’re going to show you how to create a beautiful party with our ladybird party supplies – complete with cute decorations, easy party food ideas and fun party games. Read on for inspiration!

Ladybird party ideas

The essentials

Let’s start with the essential partyware!

Tableware and decorations are a must for your ladybird party but when you’re choosing your party supplies, it’s important to avoid a red and black overload!

Make sure you add plenty of blocks of white for balance!

Ladybird Party Supplies

To help you plan your decorations, here’s a list of our favourite ladybird party supplies:

Ladybird Party Supplies

Fancy dress

Make your ladybird party even more fun by dressing up! This adorable ladybird costume comes with cute detachable wings and head bopper antennae – the perfect outfit for a ladybird birthday!

Ladybird Costume for Kids

Party food

Next in our round-up of ladybird party ideas is party food! Themed snacks take a party from zero to hero and for a ladybird party, we’d suggest a mixture of treats that look like ladybirds (i.e. ladybird cookies) and others that simply match the colour scheme (i.e. cupcakes iced with red or white icing).

Here are some of our favourite ladybird party food ideas:

Cake with Red Flowers

Ladybird Cupcake

Party games

Last but not least, make sure you have some fun party games planned to keep your little ladybirds entertained! Here are our favourite ladybird-themed party games:

Ladybird balloon game

The aim of this game is to not let the balloons touch the floor! Blow up ten black balloons and call them ‘ladybird spots’, then see how long you can keep them in the air for!

Musical spots

This game is a ladybird twist on musical chairs! Cut ten large circles out of cardboard and put them in a circle on the floor. When the music stops, sit on a spot and whoever’s left standing is out! Remove a spot each time until only the winner remains.

Ladybird egg and spoon race

Boil some eggs in advance and paint them red and black like a ladybird. Then give each child an egg and a spoon and start the race!

Ready to plan your own party? Pick up our ladybird party supplies at or stay on our blog for even more kids’ party ideas!