How to Throw a LEGO Party – Inspiration


LEGO Party Scene

Following on from our previous post on how to throw a LEGO party, we want to give you some top tips and inspire you to be as creative as possible. Much like using LEGO its self to build with and be creative, we found keeping it simple works best. We tried to keep the colour scheme as the classic LEGO colours we all know and love; yellow, red, navy blue and green. If you use our printables, decorations and party games from our previous post combined with the below top tips, kids of all ages will enjoy their party.


Top tips;

  • Place a piece of LEGO or a LEGO man in the envelope with the invitation.
  • Fill some small decorative glass milk bottles with LEGO pieces and use these as weights for your balloons. To go a step further, fill everything you possibly can with LEGO pieces; vase, hand wash bottle, basically anything that’s clear.

LEGO Balloon Weight

  • Fill a jar full of LEGO and leave this by the entrance then ask guests to guess how many pieces are inside.
  • We thought these party boxes resembled LEGO bricks and kept to our ‘keep it simple’ approach.

LEGO Party Boxes

  • Build drinks coasters and placemats out of LEGO. This may take a while but it will definitely be a great finishing touch to the table.
  • Any sweets or treats you serve then try to keep them as LEGO themed as possible. We thought these looked like little LEGO pieces and they tasted great too!

LEGO Sweets

These are just a few of our top tips for you but I’m sure you’ll all have some of your own. We’d love to hear about them in the comments below or send us your own LEGO party pics and we’ll post them online.