How to Throw a Colourful Cactus Party

Cactus Party Ideas

Turn up the heat with a Mexican-inspired cactus party!

Perfect for a stylish summer get together, cactus is set to be one of this year’s hottest summer party trends. And we’ve got everything you need to throw your own prickly party with easy DIY decorations and cute party food ideas.

Read on for inspiration!

Easy cactus party ideas

It doesn’t take long to set up a really stylish cactus party. We went for bright pops of colour against white walls and white tablecloths – a super stylish combination that can’t go wrong!

We mixed and matched different shades of green (lime green, normal green, metallic green) to add a bit of variety while sticking to a simple, stylish colour scheme. Here are some of our favourite cactus party ideas!

The decorations

DIY cactus balloons

This party theme is a great excuse to get creative! Have a go at making these DIY cactus balloons by sticking two mini latex balloons to a large green balloon and drawing on the prickles with a black marker pen.

Make sure you fill your balloons with helium instead of air so that they rise (you can get a great value helium canister here) and tie each balloon cactus to a weight so it doesn’t float away. Then make a couple more to dot around your party venue!

DIY Cactus Balloon

Cactus bunting

Next up is cactus bunting! This adorable garland comes from our range of Hot Summer party supplies and will look so cute behind your buffet table or along the walls.

Cactus Bunting

Glitter cactus balloons

Throwing a cactus-themed party was a great excuse to test out our new balloon glitter! We used a glue pen to draw a cactus onto a green foil balloon and then covered it with green balloon glitter (normal glitter is too heavy and will make the balloon sink). When you shake off the excess glitter you’re left with this unique cactus party decoration!

Cactus Balloon

You could even use a black marker to make these metallic green foil balloons look a little bit more prickly!

Cactus Balloons

Inflatable cactus

Or how about a couple of inflatable cactuses? We’ve got two to choose from – the one in the photo below or this inflatable cactus in a pot.

Inflatable Cactus

Party food

Once you’ve chosen some decorations, it’s time for the fun part – party food! Here are some of our favourite cactus party food ideas.

Cactus cupcakes

Most people don’t have time to spend hours preparing intricate themed party snacks – so these cactus cake toppers are an easy way to match plain cupcakes to your party theme. Download them for free here.

Cactus Cupcakes

Cactus straw toppers

As for your drinks, serve them in green paper cups with cactus straws from our range of Hot Summer party supplies. Simple but effective!

Cactus Straw Toppers

Cactus milk bottles

For something a bit more creative, have a go at turning mini milk bottles like these into mini cactuses! Simply download our free printable cactus arms and fill each milk bottle with a green smoothie!

Cactus Milk Bottles

And if you’ve got any smoothie left over, serve it in these cute mason jars!

Green Smoothies in Mason Jars

Cactus party shopping list

Ready to throw your own cactus party? Here’s a quick round-up of everything you need!

Start planning your summer celebrations with our range of summer party supplies or stay on our blog for even more summer party ideas!