Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Willy Wonka sweet table

This year is the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and what better what to celebrate this year’s Roald Dahl Day than with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory birthday party!

Willy Wonka sweet table

We’ve delved into the deepest depths of our imagination to bring you a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party Willy Wonka himself would be proud of – so whether you savour your chocolate like Charlie Bucket or guzzle it down like Augustus Gloop, here are all the ingredients you need for a party in honour of the world’s most famous chocolatier!

Willy Wonka sweet table with printable labels

Sweet tables are all the rage right now and we can’t think of anything more perfect for a Willy Wonka party!

Here are a few ideas from our very own Willy Wonka sweet table – and remember, the more colourful, the better!

Willy Wonka sweet table


Willy Wonka sweets

Who needs plain old sweets when you can have rainbow drops that let you spit in six different colours?

Download our free printable Willy Wonka place setters at the bottom of this post to make your guests feel like they’ve stepped straight into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!

Scrumdiddlyumptious snacks

Turn your ordinary chocolate bars into these Wonka-tastic creations with our free printable chocolate bar wrappers!

All you need is your chocolate bar of choice (we chose Twixes!) and a little bit of sticky tape to fasten the printable paper wrapper together.

You’ll find the free download at the bottom of this post and if you look carefully, you may even find the last golden ticket!

Willy Wonka chocolate bars

Make your own fizzy lifting drinks

Over at the official Roald Dahl website we found this scrumdiddlyumptious recipe for fizzy lifting drinks to tantalise your taste buds.

And to make them look even more scrummy you can download our fizzy lifting drinks labels!

Fizzy Lifting Drinks

How to make your own fizzy lifting drinks:

1. Close all the doors so your fizzy lifting drink doesn’t lift you all the way into space!
2. Pour a glass of cream soda.
3. Top it up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
4. Drink.
5. Burp.

Thanks again to the official Roald Dahl website for this scrumdiddlyumptious recipe we’ll definitely be trying out ourselves! Download our free drinks labels at the bottom of this post.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party bags

Now, unlike Willy Wonka, we can’t promise our guests their very own chocolate factory but we can treat them to a Wonka-licious party bag full of sweets and surprises!

Willy Wonka party bags

We’ve filled ours with lots of Roald Dahl inspired goodies, including sweets, swirly lollipops, a homemade Willy Wonka chocolate bar, a Roald Dahl book, our very own printable Roald Dahl bookmark and a very special golden ticket.

Willy Wonka bookmarks

Download your free printables here

Free printable Willy Wonka bookmarks

Fizzy lifting drinks labels

Scrumptious chocolate bar wrapper

Golden ticket

Willy Wonka sweet labels

Red and blue candy decorations

Yellow and orange candy decorations

There you have all the ingredients you need for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party! If that’s not your favourite Roald Dahl book, you could put together a George’s Marvellous Medicine Party, or base your theme on one of our Roald Dahl fancy dress ideas.

Don’t forget to check out our Roald Dahl costumes and let us know how you’ll be celebrating this year’s Roald Dahl Day!