How to Stay Safe at Halloween


Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting days of the year – but it’s important that your children know how to stay safe while trick or treating.

Read our Halloween safety tips to make sure everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

Trick or treat safety guide

Don’t go out alone

It goes without saying that your child shouldn’t go trick or treating alone. There should ideally be an adult present but if not, make sure that they’re in a group of at least three and that you’ve agreed a set route so you know where they’ll be.

Make sure your child is easy to spot

One of the biggest dangers on Halloween is traffic – so make sure your child is easy to spot while they’re out trick or treating. We’d recommend picking a light-coloured or bright costume that’s easy for drivers to see and if you can, attach some reflective tape to your child’s costume and trick or treat bag.

Glow sticks are another great way to stay visible. Pick up some glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces for your children to wear while they’re out and about. You could even carry a torch.

Avoid tripping hazards

If your child’s costume is too long, they’re likely to trip up while they’re out and about. Make sure trousers, dresses and capes are no longer than ankle length.

Dress for the weather

It can be quite chilly by the 31st October, so make sure your child is wrapped up warm. Halloween costumes can be quite thin so we’d recommend putting a layer or two underneath.

Try not to eat while you’re out

Eating while you’re walking is a choking hazard so try and wait til you get home til you tuck into all the delicious sweets you’ve collected (if you can!!)

Tips for home-owners

Turn on outdoor lights

It gets dark early in October so make sure you turn on any outdoor lights so trick or treaters can see where they’re going. If you don’t have any outdoor lights, turn on the lights in the front room of your house.

Remove tripping hazards

Tripping over is another Halloween hazard – so make sure the neighbourhood children stay safe while trick or treating by removing anything they could trip over in the dark.

Let trick or treaters know they’re welcome

It’s a good idea to decorate the front of your house to let trick or treaters know they’re welcome to knock.

Avoid open flames in pumpkins

It’s not safe to put open flames in pumpkins – particularly when they’re in places where they could be knocked over by trick or treaters (like on porches). We’d recommend using LED candles like these instead – they’re battery powered and won’t cause a fire hazard.

All in all, we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween! Head over to Party Delights to choose your Halloween costume or stay on blog for tonnes of spooktacular Halloween ideas: