How to Make Your Own Tropical Tiki Bar

Your own Tropical Tiki Bar

Are you looking for a way to make your summer party special? Why not build your own Tiki Bar in your garden and invite your friends around to enjoy some Caribbean cocktails in the sunshine?

It couldn’t be easier to put it all together. We’ve got everything you need and we’ve even created this simple step-by-step guide!

Step 1

A Tiki Bar frame, ready to be decorated.

First things first; you’ve got to build your frame. Don’t worry, there’s nothing too tricky here! It comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and each pole slides neatly together with very little effort and no need for tools.

Now that’s done, you need a table that’s at least 1.4 metres wide to put it on. Cover your table with a plastic cover and decorate with a grass skirt for maximum summer effect!

Step 2

A Tiki Bar frame complete with sign and leaf garlands.

Let your guests know where to find their tropical treats with an eye-catching Tiki Bar sign, then decorate the front two poles with palm tree leaf garlands to make it look inviting.

Step 3

Tiki Bar frame decorated with sign, leaf garlands and hibiscus flower garlands.

Transport your guests to a Hawaiian paradise By wrapping hibiscus flower garlands around the rest of your poles. This splash of colour will really make your Tiki Bar the place to be!

Step 4

Tiki Bar decorated with sign, leaf garlands, hibiscus flower garlands and Hawaiian-themed tableware.

Every good bar needs a bit of character, so it’s time to get decorating! Hang some paper lanterns from the roof and add Tiki twists such as the pretty honeycomb pineapple decorations and sparkly centrepiece you can in this picture.

Step 5

Finished Tiki Bar decorated with sign, leaf garlands, hibiscus flower garlands, Hawaiian-themed tableware and summer decorations.

Add even more colour with summery decorations to really get your guests in the party spirit!

Okay, where do I find all this stuff?

Each element of our summery Tiki Bar design is available to buy individually from our summer range, including the Tiki Bar frame, colourful tableware and dazzling decorations.

Hawaiian-themed tableware

If you’d prefer to get the whole lot in one go, you can buy our Deluxe Tiki Bar Kit, which includes:

  • Tiki Bar frame and roof
  • Tiki Bar sign
  • Plastic table cover and grass skirt
  • 2 palm tree leaf garlands
  • 2 hibiscus flower garlands

Need more inspiration?

This Tiki Bar will help you host a summer party your friends will never forget. Of course, there’s much more you can do to make sure your shindig hits the mark.

We’ve got plenty more tips on how to throw a tropical party while this fruity printable bunting is a quick and easy decorating option. Or you can use your Tiki Bar at a homegrown festival in your back garden!

So, there we have it. Your tropical Tiki Bar party is ready. Now all you have to do is mix up some cracking cocktails!