How to Make Reindeer Party Bags

Reindeer Party Bags - Christmas DIY

Get crafty this festive season with these DIY reindeer party bags!

An easy Christmas party craft for kids, this DIY party bag idea is perfect for anyone throwing a Christmas party at home or school and matches our new reindeer party supplies perfectly.

All you need is about 10-15 minutes to spare, some brown paper bags and the free reindeer printables we’ve thrown in to help you keep the cost down. Read on to find out what to do!

What you need

What to do

  1. Download our free reindeer printables and cut out as many eyes, antlers and red noses as you need.

DIY Reindeer Party Bags - Step 1

You’ll need two eyes, two antlers and a red nose for each party bag. When you’ve cut them out, they’ll look something like this.

Reindeer Party Bag Printables

2. Next, take a brown or gold paper bag, fill it with goodies and make a fold about halfway down.

DIY Reindeer Party Bags - Step 2

3. Then fold in the edges of the flap to make it look a little less square (and more reindeer-shaped!)

DIY Reindeer Party Bags - Step 3

4. Finally, take your printed out reindeer antlers, eyes and noses and stick them onto your party bags. This is where your reindeer party bags will really start to take shape!

We’d recommend using glue or double-sided sticky tape so that it’s not visible.

Reindeer Party Bags

And that’s it! Your reindeer party bags are finished and ready for your Christmas party!

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