How to Make Kakamora Cups

How to Make Kakamora Cups

These coconut cups are one of our favourite summer party items and as soon as we saw the movie Moana, we couldn’t wait to turn them into a tribe of Kakamora!

The perfect way to serve drinks at a Moana-themed party, read on to find out how to make them!

What you need

DIY Kakamora Coconut Cups - What You Need

What to do

Start by downloading our free printable kakamora faces. Print and cut out as many as you need (there are six per sheet).

Kakamora Cups Step 1

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Next, cover the back of it with glue. PVA glue or a Pritt stick is fine.

Kakamora Cups Step 2

Next, stick each face onto a coconut cup. Make sure you press it down so it sticks on well.

Kakamora Cups Step 3

And that’s it! Your kakamora coconut cups are ready to fill with juice and serve at your Moana party! We’d go with a tropical flavour like pineapple that fits with a tropical party theme.

Kakamora Cups

Don’t they look good as a tribe?! Make sure you take a quick photo of your creations before the party starts!

Kakamora Coconut Cups

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