How to Make Gingerbread Reindeer

How to Make Gingerbread Reindeer

We post a lot of easy party food ideas here on the Party Delights blog, but it really doesn’t get much easier than gingerbread reindeer.

It’s the perfect Christmas party snack and you don’t even need to make your own gingerbread.

You could – but when you see how easy it is to turn a shop-bought gingerbread man into a reindeer just by turning it upside down, you’ll realise you don’t need to.

Read on to find out exactly what to do!

Gingerbread reindeer – what you need

  • Shop-bought gingerbread men
  • White writing icing
  • Glacier cherries

Making Gingerbread Reindeer - Step 1

What to do

Start by taking a shop-bought gingerbread man and turning it upside down.

Then stick a glacier cherry near the bottom with a small dollop of icing (this will be Rudolph’s bright red nose!)

Making Gingerbread Reindeer - Step 2

Next, start icing on the details that will turn your ordinary gingerbread man into a gingerbread reindeer!

Start with a mouth…

Making Gingerbread Reindeer - Step 3

Then draw on two lines to turn your gingerbread man’s arms into your gingerbread reindeer’s ears.

Making Gingerbread Reindeer - Step 4

You should be able to see your gingerbread reindeer taking shape by now – especially when you draw on two antlers where the gingerbread man’s legs used to be!

Making Gingerbread Reindeer - Step 6

Finally, draw on two eyes and your gingerbread reindeer is finished! We told you this Christmas party food idea was easy!

Making Gingerbread Reindeer - Step 7

Will you be having a go at making our gingerbread reindeer? Tag us in a photo on Instagram if you do!

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