How to Make Christmas Jam Jar Decorations

We love upcycling! And since Christmas can be such an expensive time of year, turning old household objects into Christmas decorations is a fantastic way to save a few pennies.

All you need is a few old jam jars (however big or small is up to you) and a few little bits to jazz them up into glittery candle holders for your window, mantelpiece or table. Keep reading to find out just how easy they are to make!

What you need:

  • Old jam jars without their lids
  • PVA glue
  • Glitter
  • Festive ribbon
  • Tea lights

What to do:

First of all, wash out your jam jars to make sure they’re clear of any leftover bits of jam or marmalade and discard the lids. Once they’re dry, cover the whole jar in PVA glue and sprinkle on some silver glitter.

If you’re worried about making a mess, you could pour your glitter onto a paper plate and dip the jar in the glitter. Use whichever colour glitter you like but we think gold, silver, red and green are the most festive!

Then just tie a ribbon around the rim and pop in a festive tea light – it’s as simple as that! This’ll make your jam jar decorations look extra Christmassy and the glitter will give them a lovely glow once the candles are lit.

Make a couple of jam jar decorations for your home or a whole bunch for your Christmas do! They’re so pretty you could even give them away as a little homemade Christmas present. And hey, they’re a great way to recycle all those mince meat jars you’ve got leftover from making mince pies!

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