How to Make Chinese Lanterns

How to Make Chinese Lanterns

Lanterns at the ready; it’s almost Chinese New Year!

No Chinese New Year party would be complete without paper lanterns, so today we’re going to show you an easy way to make Chinese lanterns with free printables, scissors and glue.

They match our Chinese New Year party supplies perfectly – simply download our free printables and follow our step by step instructions to find out how to put your lanterns together!

Remember that the date for Chinese New Year changes every year but is always in January or February.

How to make a Chinese lantern

Step 1

Start by downloading our first printable to make the inner tube of your paper lantern. Cut along the dotted lines and stick or staple along the overlap to turn it into a tube.



Step 2

Cut out our second printable, fold it in half and cut along the dotted lines (make sure you start at the folded edge of the paper).



Unfold it and staple or stick each end together at the top and bottom of the overlap.


Step 3

Insert the inner tube from step 1 into the outer tube from step 2. By now you’ll definitely start to see your Chinese New Year lanterns taking shape!


Step 4

Download our third printable and cut out the yellow strips. Stand both tubes up on a flat surface and push the outer tube down at the top so both ends are in line with the inner tube. Wrap a yellow strip around each end and staple them in place.

This printable includes a Horse symbol for the Year of the Horse – feel free to omit or change for the correct animal for this year!


Step 5

Cut out the red strip and staple each end to the inside of the lantern to make a handle. This is ideal for carrying your Chinese lanterns during a lantern parade or hanging them up as a party decoration!


Finishing touches

Add some extra special finishing touches to your red Chinese lanterns by tying a piece of black ribbon around the lantern handle so that it dangles through the middle. Make a tassel by wrapping the end of the ribbon around your hand four to five times, then tie a knot around the top to group them together and snip through the other end to make a tassel.




Cut out the yellow horse decoration and stick it to the bottom and voilà! Your DIY Chinese lanterns are finished!


Where can I buy Chinese lanterns?

If you don’t have time to make your own Chinese paper lanterns, you can buy them at Party Delights along with our full range of Chinese New Year party supplies or find out the meanings behind them.

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