How to Make Building Block Brownies

How to Make LEGO Brownies

If you’re throwing a kids’ party, there’s one party snack you can’t do without – building block brownies!

They’re super easy to make (even for baking novices) and perfect for people who want to serve impressive themed party food without hours and hours of preparation.

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial to find out what to do – and share a picture with us on Instagram if you have a go at making them yourself!

Easy building block brownie recipe

What you need

  • Homemade or shop-bought brownies
  • Ready-to-roll icing in a variety of primary colours
  • One tube of writing icing
  • Rolling pin
  • Sharp knife

How to Make LEGO Brownies - What You Need

What to do

1. Buy or bake a batch of brownies (if you’re making them yourself, we’d recommend the best ever brownie recipe on BBC Good Food).

2. Once your brownies have cooled, cut them into the shape of square and rectangular building blocks.

3. Take a packet of ready-to-roll icing and roll it out until it’s about 3mm thick.

How to Make LEGO Brownies - Step 1

4. Use a sharp knife to cut out square and rectangular pieces of icing.

How to Make LEGO Brownies - Step 2

5. Squeeze some writing icing onto the top of each brownie and stick a piece of coloured icing on top (the writing icing will help keep it stuck in place).

How to Make LEGO Brownies - Step 3

6. Roll out small balls of icing and press eight down onto each rectangular brownie, and four down onto each square one. This is where you’ll really start seeing your brownies look like building blocks.

7. Make a selection of brownies in different colours and serve!

LEGO Brownies

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