How to Make a Nappy Cake

How to make a nappy cake - video tutorial

Baby showers are getting more and more popular in the UK – which is great, as they’re a lovely tradition – but deciding what to get the mum-to-be as a baby shower gift can be a fairly difficult task to say the least!

So if you’re currently on the look out for an original idea for a baby shower present, today we’re going to show you how to make a nappy cake.

Also known as diaper cakes in the US, they tick all the boxes for unique, thoughtful and affordable gifts that are easy to put together yourself. Plus the mum-to-be will be made up that you made her a homemade present! Watch our short video tutorial to find out how to make a nappy cake yourself and if you’re pushed for time, read our quick step-by-step instructions to find out what to do.

Nappy cake video tutorial

Making a nappy cake is really easy but it can be useful to watch somebody else do it before you try it yourself for the first time.

In our video tutorial we’ll show you everything we used to make ours but you can customise your diaper cake to make it as personal as you like!

What you need to make a nappy cake

Step-by-step instructions – how to make a nappy cake

If you haven’t got time to watch our full video tutorial, here’s a quick run-down of how to make a diaper cake. (It is a lot easier to see it being made in action though!)

1. Roll up each nappy and tie a bobble around it (you’ll need about 30 for a two-tiered nappy cake).

2. Put a large elastic band around your empty chocolate tin.

3. One by one, put the rolled up nappies in between the elastic band and the tin until the whole thing is surrounded in nappies. Put a ribbon around this layer of nappies to cover the bobbles.

4. Roll up a small white towel and tie it together with an elastic band around the middle of the towel. Insert more rolled up nappies all the way around the towel. Tie a ribbon around it to hide the bobbles again.

5. Put a selection of baby gifts inside the tin and wedge the rolled up towel in the middle (you may need to push the nappies down a bit).

6. Decorate with cute oversized baby pins and place a cuddly toy on top!

7. Cover the whole thing in cellophane wrap and tie it at the top with some balloon ribbon. And there you have it – you DIY nappy cake is finished!