How to Make a DIY Skeleton T-Shirt

Today we’re sharing with you another fabulous and SERIOUSLY easy and quick DIY Halloween costume. So if you’ve left it til the last minute and you’re hunting around for something to wear in a panic, check out this brilliant DIY skeleton t-shirt outfit.

Combine it with a plain clothes underneath (black is great but any colour will do), some white face paint (if you can) and you are all set to go. This skeleton ribcage t-shirt would look great on both kids and adults!

What you need for your skeleton ribcage t-shirt

  • 1 white t-shirt (if you don’t just happen to have one you can you use an old white t-shirt that has a design on it and turn it inside out and back to front)
  • Tape & pencil (optional, but makes life easier)
  • Scissors
  • Black outfit (or dark clothes)
  • White face paint

What to do

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 1

1) Lay your white t-shirt flat on the ground and insert some cardboard – this is to avoid you cutting through both sides by accident (although creating this pattern on both sides would also look amazing, but I would do one side at a time!)

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 2

2) Place the tape down the CENTRE of your t-shirt as a reference. Reposition if need be.

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 3

3) Mark out 12 equally spaced dots (we have 12 pairs of ribs… yep, both men and women have 12 full sets). As you can see I need to do it twice… you think it is easy……

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 4

4) Carefully start cutting some holes. Make some small ones at the top and make them gradually bigger…

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 5

5)… and bigger.

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 6

6) Then make the last two smaller again.

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 7

7)  Old up and check. Insert your fingers and help open up the holes a little if  need be.

DIY Skeleton Tshirt step 8

8) Take the tape off, stand back and admire your creation… then get ready to get changed!

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