How to Make a Candy Cane Sleigh

How to Make a Candy Cane Sleigh

Christmas is coming and we’ve got a cracking little stocking filler for you to make at home – a candy cane sleigh!

Each one only costs a few pounds to make, which makes it the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa gift. And if you’re making a few, you can make them cheaper per head by buying your chocolates in bulk. Extra candy canes? We’ve got other crafting ideas for those!

What you need (per sleigh):

What You Need to Make a Candy Cane Sleigh


How to make your candy cane sleigh:

Start by wrapping each of your chocolate bars in Christmassy wrapping paper. Festive colours like red, green and gold work great but you can choose whatever you like!

How to Make a Candy cane Sleigh Step 1

Then you need to make the framework of your sleigh.

Do this by putting a strip of double-sided sticky tape along the length of each candy cane and sticking them to the bottom of the Kit Kat. Be careful not to snap the Kit Kat while you’re doing this (we learnt this the hard way!!)

How to Make a Candy cane Sleigh Step 2

Check your sleigh is secure and then start stacking your presents. Stick each one on with a piece of double-sided sticky tape and make sure the largest presents go at the bottom. We stacked two of our chocolate bars widthways to make Santa’s sleigh look like it is really bulging with presents!

How to Make a Candy cane Sleigh Step 3

Finally, tie a cute red ribbon around your stack of presents and stick a chocolate Santa onto the front of your sleigh. Your candy cane sleigh is now ready to fly off and deliver its presents to the lucky recipient!

Make Your Own Candy Cane Sleigh

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