How to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer Holiday

Ice cream bubbles

School’s out for the summer! While your children will no doubt be delighted, it means you’ve now got to entertain them for six weeks.

It’s a daunting task that parents are faced with every year, but don’t worry. We’ve got lots of ideas to help you keep your kids occupied until September rolls around!

Playtime in the pool with summer inflatables

There’s nothing better on a hot day than splashing around in a swimming pool. Our summer inflatables will make this even more fun for your kids!

Beach ball

A good quality beach ball is an absolute must for any summer break. There are so many games that children can improvise, and the hours will just fly by!

Of course, when your child wants a breather, they’re left with a problem. Do they risk leaving the pool and potentially missing out on more fun?

A cool pool float gives them somewhere to relax without going anywhere! This giant llama pool float will do nicely!

Finally, why not throw in some inflatable sea life to keep everyone amused? Yes, you read that right! Your kids can create their very own collection too – from friendly clown fish to alligators, why not throw in a giant inflatable unicorn sprinkler too?

Inflatable dolphin, shark, clown fish and octopus

Whether you feel like joining in the fun, or would welcome the chance to leave them to it and relax on your sun lounger, these inflatables are a great option!

Break out the bubbles

Bubbles shaped like ice cream cones

Sometimes the simple things are the most satisfying. Give your kids a giant bubble wand each and watch them while away hours on end filling the air with dozens of bubbles!

Or, if you’re after something that really says summer, how about this cute ice cream bubble kit?

Toys and games

Animal golf game

Getting out and about is the order of the day when the weather’s fine. After all, they can’t stay indoors for six weeks! This animal golf game is a great way for younger children to have fun in the garden during the day.

Fancy dress made easy

Sure, running around the garden is all good fun, but how much more fun would your kids have if they were dressed as superheroes, or Disney princesses?

Of course, we understand that you might not want to get them a full fancy dress outfit if they’re going to be throwing themselves around outside. You’d spend all day wondering whether it would get damaged or dirty.

That’s why these fancy dress kits are so good. For a very low price, you’ll get a top along with either a mask or tiara that’ll help your little one get into character quickly and easily.

Choose from our range of DC superheroes, including Batman, Robin, Superman and The Flash, or go down the Disney route and get an outfit for Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Rapunzel!

Costume kits for Batman, Superman, Robin and The Flash

Fancy dress kits for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Rapunzel

How do you keep your little ones entertained?

We’re sure you have your own plan to keep your children entertained this summer. Why not share your tips and advice in the comments below?