How to Keep Kids Entertained at a Party

How to keep kids entertained at a party

You’ve sent your invitations, stocked up on party food and your child’s party is imminent. It’s exciting, of course, but the thought of keeping 20 children entertained for 3 hours? Also a little daunting!

You might well be a supermum or superdad, but the best way to keep kids entertained at a party is to have some planned activities up your sleeve. This week we held a Twitter chat asking top mummy bloggers asking them for their top tips for keeping children entertained and they came up with some great advice.

Here’s what they told us…

This is a brilliant idea and it just shows that party games don’t need to be overcomplicated. Plus balloons are super cheap so they won’t blow your party budget. It’s a win win situation!

This will require some forward planning but it’ll pay off in the long run! Take a look at our indoor party games for inspiration. 

We’re also a big fan of piñatas as everyone can get involved and everyone gets a prize! Pull piñatas are best for younger kids and you can get them in all shapes and sizes – perfect for any party theme.

You never really know which games are going to work best until the day of the party and sometimes a game that you’ve planned to take half an hour will only take five minutes! Think of a few back-ups and you’ll be glad you have a plan B just in case this happens!

Ah yes – party bags! You don’t generally give them out until the end of the party but if you put some fun little toys and games in them they’re a good way to keep the children busy during the last few minutes of the party while they’re waiting for their parents. And if you’re not sure what works best, take a look at our party bag fillers ideas.

This is a brilliant idea – if you’re throwing a superhero party, try making our easy DIY capes and masks and the kids can wear them at the party!

This is very important as older kids will quickly get bored if the activities are too babyish. If you don’t want to have to plan two separate sets of activities, just try making a harder version of the same game for the older children. Treasure hunts are a great example of a game that can be tailored to all age groups.

Music instantly sets the mood for the party and we love Niki’s tips!