How to Dress Like a 60s Hippie

How to Dress Like a 1960s Hippie

The 1960s is our favourite era for fancy dress; think flower power, peace and hippies! And if you’re heading to Bestival 2015 you’d better listen up because this year’s theme is summer of love!

To help you choose your costume and dress like a hippie, today we’ve got loads of inspiration to get you started. From what to wear to how to do your hair, your groovy 60s fancy dress starts here!

How to dress like a hippie chick

Embrace flower power

60s style is all about peace, love and happiness… not to mention flower power! A long floral dress like the one below would be the perfect 1960s outfit; it’s very lightweight and easy to pack if you’re taking it to Bestival and you can dress it up even more with costume accessories.

Mini skirts were in in the 60s too so if you’d prefer something shorter, why not go for a dress like this?

Flower Power Hippie Costume


Long hair

If you’ve already got long hair, perfect! Hippie style is all about free expression so don’t worry about styling it too much – free flowing wavy hair will match your floral look perfectly and you can complete the look with a floral hair accessory or headband.

And if you don’t have long hair, then just pick up a wig! They’re fairly low cost and will instantly transform your look.

Peace sign accessories

Once you’ve put your basic outfit together it’s time to think about accessories.

The peace sign is an iconic symbol of the sixties and a peace sign medallion and earrings like these would be a cheap and easy addition to your hippie costume.

Peace Sign Hippie Costume Accessories

And there you have it – dressing like a hippie is a really easy costume to put together with a few statement pieces. Now for what to wear if you’re a guy!

How to dress like a hippie (for guys)

Dressing like a hippie is a fun fancy dress theme whether you’re male or female and a great excuse to really dress flamboyantly! Here are a couple of hippie costume ideas for men for inspiration.

The clothes

As far as clothes go, the groovier, the better! Loud flamboyant patterns were in so a bright psychedelic shirt like this would be perfect. Be bold!

Men's Hippie Fancy Dress Costume

Long hair

Once you’ve got your basic outfit sorted, it’s time to think about your hair. Think John Lennon in the late sixties – that’s the look you’re going for.

Long hair is a must and since short guy is more in fashion for guys these days, picking up a long 60s wig like this is an easy way to get the hairstyle without the effort of growing it for months!

Round glasses

Next up, it’s the glasses. The rounder, the better! Again, think John Lennon’s 60s style and you’re bang on track.

1960s Hippie Wig

Peace medallion

Finally, finish off your hippie outfit with a peace sign medallion like this and you’ll instantly look like you stepped out of 1968.

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