How to Do an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunts are one of the most memorable things about springtime as a child and while there are loads of organised egg hunts going on around the country, it’s so much more fun to organise your own!

So today we’ve got some great tips for organising one at home and we’ve even done all the hard work for you with free printable Easter egg hunt clues and signs. So all you need to do is stock up on chocolate eggs and think of some good hiding places. Let’s get cracking!

What do you need for an Easter egg hunt?

Easter egg hunts require a little bit of forward planning but they’re not too much hard work. Just make sure you stock up things to hide a few days before and have enough ink in your printer for our free printable Easter egg hunt signs (which you can download further down).

How to do an Easter egg hunt - Easter egg hunt ideas for kids

What should you hide?

Chocolate eggs (of course) but fillable Easter eggs are also great. Fill them up with whatever you want and if you’re not keen on your kids eating loads of chocolate over the Easter period, small non-edible gifts work well too.

Here are a few suggestions for what to put in your fillable eggs:

Top tip: If you’ve got a dog and you’re hiding chocolate eggs, make sure you keep them indoors during your Easter egg hunt. We can guarantee they’ll be better at finding them than you!

How many eggs should you hide per person?

We’d recommend about 7 – 10 eggs per person as it’s more fun if everyone gets a good haul!

Make sure everyone has a basket to collect their eggs in and if you’re feeling crafty, you could have a go at making our paper plate Easter baskets to store the eggs that you find!

As an alternative to filling plastic eggs – and if your hunters are more into sweets than chocolate – you could instead fill up some of these gorgeous carrot bags with sweeties!

Easter egg hunt signs

You don’t want to give all your secrets away but we do have a few interesting options for signposting their way around!

For the littlest of little ones, this Easter Egg Hunt Kit has simple markers, a map for drawing, sticker sheets and treat bags; for those slightly older, let them lead the way with these cute pastel Easter Egg hunt signs. Kids of all ages will enjoy this kit for the colourful simplicity of its egg, footprint and arrow markers, or use this slightly more sophisticated set for adult Easter Egg hunts.

Easter egg hunt kit signs set up in the garden

Hiding the eggs

It’s important to make your egg hunt the right level of difficulty for your kids’ age group. Older kids will get bored if it’s too easy and younger kids might get frustrated if it’s too hard.

If you’ve got a mixture of younger and older children, we’d suggest dividing the garden into two zones (one for older children and one for younger children). Make sure you set clear boundaries (no climbing up on fences/roofs, etc) to keep things safe and you could even hide two special eggs that can be exchanged for special prizes (make these harder to find).

How to do an Easter egg hunt - Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

How to make your Easter egg hunt harder

There are also lots of ways to make your egg hunt more challenging for the older ones.

For example, draw a letter on each egg or hide a letter inside it (if you’re using fillable eggs). At the end of the hunt, the person who makes the longest word out of their letters wins.

Free printable Easter egg hunt clues

Coming up with your own clues can be very time-consuming (and who has time for that when you have a million other things going on?) so we’ve made some free printable clues for you to download and print at home.

And depending on where you’re having your hunt, we’ve got some for both indoors and outdoors!

Easter egg hunt clues for outdoors

Behind the tree, under the wheelbarrow, tucked behind a flower pot… Download and print our free outdoor clues, hide them in fillable eggs with some sweets, and start the hunt!

Free Easter egg hunt clues for kids

Easter egg hunt clues for indoors

Do the same with our free printable indoor clues – and if you’re feeling creative you could even make up a few of your own!

We also have some adult Easter egg hunt clues that are a little more challenging to keep older teens and grownups guessing.

Dress up while you play

You know what makes running around the garden even more fun?  The excuse to wear a silly hat!

You could easily make your own Easter bonnet with our how-to guide, or put together some of the bunny ear headbands on our Easter Bunny crafts blog. Alternatively, we’ve got this very fetching bunny hat, which you could give out to everyone or just the winner of the hunt!

Other ways to liven up an Easter Egg Hunt

  • Hide multi-coloured eggs and get every child to collect all the colours of the rainbow – in order, if you want to make things harder
  • Place foam letters inside the eggs and give out prizes for the person who can make the longest word
  • Add inflated balloons to the eggs so they’re easier for little ones to find
  • Fill the eggs with tokens that can be swapped for bigger prizes
  • Give out Easter reward medals for everyone who managed to find an egg
  • Add glow sticks for a glow in the dark egg hunt

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Instead of chocolate, get the kids to write out some reasonable rewards they could earn – simple things like staying up half an hour late, or getting the last slice of cake.

If you’re in charge of lots of little ones, you could turn it into a relay race! When each child finds an egg they have to return to base and send another child out looking. The team that collects the most eggs could get a special prize!

If you’re trying to stay away from plastic and sugar, you could make each egg its own colourful pinata! To do this, you’d save as many real eggs as possible from breakfasts, with as little damage done to the shell as possible. The hole that was used to scoop out the good bits can then be filled with colourful paper confetti and covered over with brightly coloured tissue paper for a satisfying explosion upon smashing!

Other Easter activities for kids

Easter Egg Hunts are hours of fun, but they’re far from the only great activities for kids around this time of year. Why not try a couple of our other ideas to keep your children occupied during the holidays?