How to Do a Pirate Treasure Hunt

How to Do a Pirate Treasure Hunt

Looking for a fun game to play at a pirate party? How about keeping yer shipmates entertained with a pirate treasure hunt?!

Easy to organise, your little pirates will have tonnes of fun hunting for treasure. We’ve even thrown in some free printable treasure hunt clues to save you thinking of your own!

Read on for our top tips for planning a swashbuckling treasure hunt!

Step 1: Download our free treasure hunt clues

Every pirate scavenger hunt needs clues to direct you towards the buried treasure. And to make it much easier for you to organise, we’ve made free printable clues for you to download and print at home.

But they’re no ordinary clues – they’re written in code! Give each treasure hunter a copy of our secret pirate code to help them decipher the clues and find the buried treasure. Make sure you crinkle them up a bit to make them look old and worn – much more authentic!

Secret Pirate Code

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Each clue will let the treasure hunters know where the next one is hidden, i.e. “in the kitchen”. So make sure you spend some time deciphering the clues before you hide them to make sure you don’t send your treasure hunters on a wild goose chase!

Pirate Treasure Hunt Clues

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Step 2: Hide your buried treasure

Next, it’s time to set up your pirate treasure hunt! Hide a handful of buried treasure with each clue – we’d suggest gold chocolate coins, small toys, etc.

Make sure the treasure isn’t too easy to find but, of course, tailor it to the age group.

Step 3: Dress up in pirate attire

Once everything is set up, it’s time to get into character! Provide a selection of pirate accessories so everyone can dress up. Eye patches, plastic swords, bandannas and pirate hooks are cheap to buy and will add to the fun!

Pirate Fancy Dress Accessories

Step 4: Let the scavenger hunt begin!

Last but not least, let the treasure hunting begin! Give everyone a copy of the secret pirate code and a party bag like these to hold their treasure. Then start the hunt!

Pirate Party Bag

Happy treasure hunting!! Let us know if you use our free printable clues in the comments and take a look at our whole range of pirate party supplies at Or for even more pirate party ideas, stay on our blog: